Big Win Combination

Big win combination

Once you&#;re behind the store you&#;ll see a couple of office trailers that are overgrown. You can see it in action as well as a video guide for the Last of Us 2 big win safe on our youtube channel.

Every safe combination you need for The Last of Us: Part II

Surviving the apocalypse in The Last of Us Part II can feel downright impossible without the proper tools by your side, and one way to claim more materials for your satchel is to steal them from locked safes littered throughout the landscape of post-apocalyptic Seattle.

When you enter, the "Pharmacy Note" will be under the register with the combo written on it. You will be able to equip this bad boy with a scope. On the corkboard, near to where the note is found, is a lottery ticket.

Big win combination

Figure the Scars won&#;t touch them since the safe is too &#;old world&#; for them. The door to the accessible one is locked, so go around the back and bash the window in with a brick or bottle.

the big win combination last of us 2

Almost every safe requires you to input three numbers and you can typically find the code somewhere on a piece of paper around the item.

These not only contain useful crafting materials and ammo but key items that can make your journey much easier. However, if you are itching to try this gun out, there&#;s a group of Seraphites patrolling the rail yard just ahead of you.

Once there, head to the room labeled "Safe Deposit Lockers." There will be another satchel on the floor containing the "Bank Heist Plans" artifact, which also includes the safe code. That's a good place to fuck. Now comes the easy to miss part.

Big win combination

It states the combination of a nearby safe located in an auto shop. virtualtaboo. After you've hit the street where there are basically tripwires every few steps, look to your left for a Thrift Store. The &#;big win&#; refers to a tiny lottery ticket nailed to a notice board in the trailer. The note says that the combination to the safe is the "big win," which refers to the writer's winning lottery ticket numbers.

Once there, you'll encounter a few clickers. Inside the store, you'll. You&#;ll be standing in front of a soft drink distribution center that belonged to the MS Corporation.

Big win combination

The safe will be in the same room.

(2 of 3) Gate Code Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: trading card, health kit, parts

Head to the old West 2 gate on Madison Street between 6th and Big win combination Ave. Enter the area using the checkpoint gate code list that you acquired earlier.

If you spot a tabletop game, you'll know you're in the right place. Look inside to find an artifact hidden in a satchel. In the caravan there is a note and it says that there is a stash in the safe in the garage of the building on the side that is precisely Big Win. There's a lottery ticket on the bulletin board. If you go around the building, you&#;ll find some wooden pallets with a sizeable hole next to them.

There will be a locked door, so break the window adjacent to that door to enter the room. Nab the "Thrift Store Reminder" off the corkboard in the back-right to get a hint of the safe combination. There will be a small crawl space deeper into the store, through which you can find the safe.

All Seattle Day 3 (Ellie) safe locations in Last of Us 2

Chapter: The Flooded City (1 Safe)

  • Code:
  • Reward: parts, ammo, alcohol, supplements

When you're asked to open a gate to get your boat to the other side, refuse it.

This shit is funny. Once you upgrade its damage you will be able to one shot most enemies. If you head into the campervan, you'll find a note that says there's a stash in the safe in the garage (which is the building next door) and. And on that lottery ticket, ringed in red, are three numbers. You'll need to go around it and break a window to get.

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There will be a corkboard on the wall with the "Dale's Combo" item. Head through the opening in the chain-link fence directly ahead and look to. Warning: When you open the door, an injured Clicker will be awaiting you inside.

Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 2 (Ellie) Safe Locations

Chapter: Hillcrest (1 Safe)

  • Code:
  • Reward: short gun holster, parts, ammo, explosive

Look for a dog grooming shop midway through the level and go through a hole in the wall.

Scars are gonna be swarming all over this area like roaches.I went ahead and cleaned out my supplies already, but I left all your guns in the lockup in case you need them when you arrive. PaulPS Still using &#;the big win&#; as the combination.

So the note will tell you about the safe code being the &#;big win&#. If you do use the Hunting Pistol, make sure to take your time and aim since there is a lengthy reload time between shots.

Remember, combinations never changes for safes and doors, you can bypass a lot of the busywork of hunting down notes.

That leads into a tiny room filled with loot. Inside will be the safe along with some crafting supplies scattered throughout the room. Big win combination holds great rewards and the code for it is so easy to miss you&#;d think the developers don&#;t want you to have the goodies inside.

last of us 2 gun cache safe abby

Inside the home, you can find a note on the table saying the combination is the date of their anniversary. Safe Combinations and. There will be an artifact called "Mutiny Note" sitting beneath a WTA logo on the wall with the code for your next safe. Jump into the trailer and examine the note to learn the code is tied to &#;the big win.&#; Initially, I thought this was referencing the photo in the back of the men holding up a giant fish they caught.

There&#;s a trailer across from it. The safe is also in that room.

tlou2 on foot safe location

The big win safe code

As for the combination, it&#;s in the trailer next to the warehouse.

They’re rarely out of the way, plus there’s a trophy tied to unlocking them all.

safe combinations

The combination is said to be 'the big win'. The code is The big win safe code As for the combination, it's in the trailer next to the warehouse. Once you head upstairs and head through a crack on the wall, you might see an Employee of the Month board. Go through the door and input the code to unlock the safe. Inside the safe is the Hunting Pistol, which is one of the strongest weapons in the entire game.

Unlike other weapons, the Hunting Pistol must be manually reloaded after every shot and fires a single, high-damaging round.

This section is pretty difficult to sneak through given how limited space is, so you may need to go loud.

Big win combination

The safe you're looking for will be underneath one of the windowsills. Make a and head for a nearby closet to find the safe.

Chapter: The Descent (1 Safe)

Gym Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: alcohol, binding, supplements, explosive

Head on down to the Orchard's store. Inside, in front of the coffee pot, there's an artifact called "Paul to Marta letter" referencing a "big win." A lottery ticket will have the combination numbers circled in red.

The most important thing you&#;ll find inside is the Hunting Pistol, a new weapon. That's the ringed Lotto number on the. Instead, head upstairs, you'll find a corpse holding the "Stash Note" artifact. You'll need to find the "Artifact" (usually a hand-written note in the area) to find the combination needed to unlock each safe.

This list includes every safe location and combination in Last of Us 2, broken down chapter by chapter.

The safe will be inside on your left. Cut through a nearby tattoo parlor.

abby safe codes

This one is well hidden and if you&#;re not paying attention it&#;s easy to walk right by it. From the symbol scan the area for signs reading "Exit" and "21st floor." To the left of those signs, there will be a janitor's closet containing the safe.

The Last of Us 2 is now available for PS4.

Looks like a little princess Love it.

Pick it up for directions to a nearby bank.

the last of us 2 the big win safe location

Inside the store, you'll find the most thriftable thing of all, a safe. After getting the combination, go through the door of the portable. That's the combination.

wlf gun cache note code

Certain numbers are circled with a red pen.

tlou2 on foot safe combination

If you value your eyesight too much to indulge in the kind of pixel hunting required in order to read the lottery ticket, the On Foot safe code is 17 38 07.

The safe is in here, with the combination in the little building opposite. Inside the room, you'll find an artifact hinting at the safe combination and a picture of a dog. You should see a hole in the wall that Abby can climb through. It reads as follows.

Marta &#;

With the truce dead, it&#;s Choctaw casino slot machines risky to keep using this place for meetups.

You'll see a Wi-Fi symbol to denote the Big win combination. Hope you're having fun in England Grahame I'd deserve more cum than that.Read the Artefact named WLF Gun Cache Note and you'll find a clue. It says: "Still using 'the big win' as the combination." Look for a cork. You'll get an artifact letter from Mei to Bo, featuring the code Head back to the street level and search for Jasmine Bakery, which has magenta signage and a boarded up front door.

Use the window to under.

Big win combination The Last of Us Part 2 Gun Cache Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?

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  • The Last of Us Part 2 Gun Cache Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?
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  • 'Last of Us 2' Safe Codes: Combos for Big Win, Hillcrest, and 12 more safes

“The big.

The Last of Us Part 2 Gun Cache Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?

After much anticipation, The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived so it’s time to dive into this harrowing post-apocalyptic world. The safe will be located in the room opposite the corkboard. Here&#;s where to find the code and the safe to get a new, potent weapon.

Last of Us 2 Gun Cache Safe

What is the Gun Cache Safe Code?

You will find the WLF Gun Cache safe after you&#;ve escaped the hardware store filled with infected.

The safe is right next to the artifact.

Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 1(Ellie) Safe Locations

Chapter: Downtown (3 Safes)

(1 of 3) Bank Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: Pump Shotgun

Immediately after passing through Seattle Gate 2, you'll spot a nearly destroyed building.

The combination is written across the nearby whiteboard.

Chapter: Capitol Hill (1 Safe)

Thrift Store Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: ammo, medicine

After you've hit the street where there are basically tripwires every few steps, look to your left for a Thrift Store.

The code is Once you're inside, a big arrow will be on your right, pointing directly to the safe, suggesting that you use the same gate code to open the safe. Head to Big win combination ship's bow to find the safe.

Last of Us 2 Seattle Day Live casino slot play (Abby) Safe Locations

Chapter: The Shortcut (1 Safe)

Neighbor Exchange Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: parts, explosive, ammo

After launching yourself from the broken highway, smash some glass to enter an apartment.

When you exit through the backdoor, scan the area for grey letters reading "Auto." Inside, you'll find a safe, but look out for all the infected inside.

Chapter: The Seraphites (2 Safes)

(1 of 2) Bedroom safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: ammo, supplements

There's a white truck (pictured above) in the street, and above it is a breakable window.

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Take a sharp right, and you'll go through a metal door. Given how scarce resources can be, opening every safe should be a priority. I orgasm every time Perfect ass, wow. Look for a whiteboard in the kitchen to acquire the "Neighbor Exchange" artifact sitting below it with the code. The safe can be found on the other side of a cracked wall.

(3 of 3) Courthouse Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: parts, supplements, alcohol, ammo

When Big win combination go downstairs in the courthouse and spot an open elevator shaft to your left, keep running to the end of the hallway.

If you want to avoid backtracking and checking everything with a magnifying glass in order to find and open the safe, keep reading our Last of Us 2 big win Safe combo and location guide.

Last of Us 2 Big Win Safe Code

Last of Us 2 On Foot big win safe location

The safe can be found in the section after you leave the building with a hanging boat.

This makes it ideal for taking down larger foes like Shamblers or brute Scars. Using the calendar next to the bed, you can learn the anniversary was October 8,

(2 of 2) Pharmacy safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: alcohol, supplements, ammo, medicine

After you've defeated your first Scar brute and returned to Seatle's flooded streets, look for Weston's Pharmacy on your left.

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After you've hit the street where there are Cash machine slot app tripwires every few steps, look to your left for a Thrift Store. Just make sure you do not miss because reloading is very slow. Ascend to the second floor using the stairs in the back.

After slaying the clickers, use the balcony to reach the other side of the street. Take what I say with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila. Exit the trailer to find the MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center, which you can enter via Big win combination crack. Enter the room on your left. Once you get down from the roof of that building and the conversation turns towards movies and drinks.

Inside the store, you'll. I cant even beat myself off to this shit cause my dick is like cold spaghetti. Inside you'll find a note mentioning some stashed guns in a lock up with “the big win” as the combination. There will also be some ammo, supplements and a medkit.

Hunting Pistol

New weapon is a powerful hand cannon. For more guides and safe codes make sure to visit our other guides for The Last of Us Part 2.

On Foot is part of the Seattle Day 1 chapter in The Last of Us 2 &#; the one that takes place in the second half of the game and it contains one safe that requires you to figure out what the big win is to open.

Beside the corpse, there will be a cart, move it to open up a crawl space to the corresponding safe.

Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 1 (Abby) Safe Locations

Chapter: On Foot (1 Safe)

Big Win safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: hunting pistol and ammo

Once you've completed the boat puzzle, you'll find a smashable trailer that you can enter.

last of us safe combination

The ammo is scarce, but since it hits like a truck you&#;ll be able to conserve it. The safe will be located behind the counter in the back.

Chapter: The Coast (1 Safe)

Mutiny Note Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: training manual, parts, ammo

After picking up your Crossbow on the boat, head to the end of the hallway. Beyond the register, you'll find the "Gym Safe Combo" artifact pinned to a nearby bulletin board in the kitchen.

The combination is the same as the Wi-Fi password written in the exercise room, which can be found by cutting through the pool area. This was meant to trick you, as &#;the big win&#; is referring to their winning lottery ticket on the corkboard by the window you broke.

The code for this safe is

Now open the door and head over to the grey building that&#;s adjacent to the trailer you just looted.

Grab it to get the code for a safe. Once you&#;re in you can find an artifact called &#;WLF Gun Cache Not&#. Dumb freaks.See you soon, be careful. The note includes the detail that the safe is located in the closet.

Last of Us 2 Jackson Safe Locations

Chapter: Patrol (1 Safe)

Supermarket Safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: supplements, alcohol, parts

The first safe in Last of Us 2 can be found in the Patrol chapter when you infiltrate a supermarket.

Play casino slot games for real money Hostile Territory (1 Safe)

Jasmine Bakery safe

  • Code:
  • Reward: supplements, ammo, medicine, binding

While traversing a tight Chinatown street, you'll be able to the Ruby Dragon restaurant, which is Big win combination covered in ivy.

The front door is locked, so go through the opening on the left and then look to your right. Seen. Feel free to get started by checking out one of our popular guides from the list below! While it’s possible to beat this game without spending a lot of time scavenging, we strongly recommend you hunt for the different safes scattered throughout the different parts of Seattle.

Ahah. Can you collect all 14? Abby in general has a much more powerful weapon arsenal. The first safe you will come across during your playthrough as Abby will be the WLF Gun Cache safe. You&#;ll need to go around it and break a window to get in &#; preferably the one above the barrels.

Last of Us 2: The Big Win Safe Combination &#; Location

Throughout your time playing The Last of Us Part II, you&#;ll come across safes that require six-digit codes to open.

The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Codes | USgamer

  1. The note says that the combination to the safe is the "big win," which refers to the writer's winning lottery ticket numbers.Seattle Day 1 - On Foot The Big Win Safe Code | Last of Us 2 If you head into the campervan, you'll find a note that says there's a stash in the safe in the garage (which is the building next door) and.
  2. How To Open the Big Win Safe in The Last Of Us 2

    Hitting the jackpot in the Last of Us 2 with the Big Win safe is easy as opening it will give the Hunting Pistol, and here's how to do it.

    In the Last of Us 2, safes are a great source of items, and more importantly, new equipment, and the Big Win safe is no exception here with the Hunting Pistol being the reward. There are other safes strewn across the game, and the pistol is a major weapon Abby needs early on. Some of the big enemies like Bloaters and Shamblers will seem less threatening with it by Abby's side. It's also a useful long-range weapon which means missing this safe is not an option.

    Related: Where to Find A Bow & Arrow in The Last of Us 2

    The Hunting Pistol has, on top of it being a strong ranged weapon with its 4x scope, an ability that, when unlocked, allows Abby to craft bullets for it. With ammo being few and far between, especially on harder difficulties, this is a lifesaver of epic proportions. If there is a gun that needs stocking up consistently, it's the pistol. As powerful as it is, the big drawback is the aim where players need to be extremely accurate with it. We recommend taking the opportunity to do a quick practice with it after getting it to get used to it early on before heading to harder areas like the hospital where every bullet is going to count against the bigger enemies. But first, we need to get to the safe so let's get to it.

    How To Find The Combination For The Big Win Safe In Last Of Us 2

    Before opening the safe, we have to find the code to unlock it. During the Seattle - Day 1: On Foot chapter after leaving the stadium, Abby needs to escape from the warehouse that has the boat in it. Head to the roof with Mel, and then go down the stairs to the outside the building. Once there, a beige portable will be in the middle of the area. Throw a bottle or brick to smash a window, then hop inside. After some searching, Abby will find the coin for Indiana, and one of the walls will have a corkboard with a lotto ticket that has the Big Win safe combination circled in red on it. To make sure that players get the right code, it's .

    How To Find The Big Win Safe In The Last Of Us 2

    After getting the combination, go through the door of the portable. Head through the opening in the chain-link fence directly ahead and look to the right. There will be a crack in the wall big enough for Abby to go through. The safe is on the left side of the room. Use the combination from the lotto ticket on the safe, and open up it up by using the directional pad. The "Big Win" here is the Hunting Pistol that does huge damage on enemies but has a slow reload speed using one bullet at a time. Don't forget to search the entire room as well because there are plenty of items to pick up around the place and inside the safe.

    More: How to Find The Pump Shotgun in The Last of Us 2

    The Last Of Us 2 is available on PS4.


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  4. Last of Us 2 Big Win Safe Combination & Location - On Foot Seattle Day 1
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The process is usually pretty simple: find a note, find the code, find the safe, and open it, but some are trickier than others. There&#;s one, in particular, that&#;s pretty tricky to find the combination for. If you&#;re struggling, here&#;s everything you need to know about what the Big Win Safe combination and location is in Last of Us 2.

Be aware, there are spoilers ahead for about half way through the game.

If you&#;re fewer than 12 hours or so in The Last of Us Part II, don&#;t read any further.

You&#;ll be looking for the Big Win Safe combination and location during the Seattle Day One chapter, while you&#;re playing as Abby rather than Ellie. Luckyland slots casino sign in online will have headed out on a mission with a couple of other members of the WLF before being ambushed by Scars.

You&#;ll make your way through a shipping workshop and will need to climb through a hatch at the top of it.

Once you&#;ve done that and got back to the ground again, you&#;ll see a campervan ahead of you and a building with Big win combination locked door to the right. This is the right area for the Big Win Safe.

The Big Win Safe Combination & Location in Last of Us 2

If you head into the campervan, you&#;ll find a note that says there&#;s a stash in the safe in the garage (which is the building next door) and that the code is &#;The Big Win.&#;

The code you&#;re after is on a corkboard in the campervan, with the numbers being those that are circled in red on a lotto ticket &#; hence &#;The Big Win&#.

It&#;s not easy to see at all, being too hard to really focus on, but the numbers are: 17 38 07.

It&#;s really important that you open the Big Win Safe because not only does it have supplies inside, but also the Hunting Pistol, which is a great precision weapon that can take out basic enemies in one shot.

Once you&#;ve actually got the code and are heading to the safe, you can&#;t just go through the door.

Since the door is locked, you&#;ll need to find another way in.

the last of us 2 gun cache combination

You need to go round the left of the building, as if you were carrying along the path, where you&#;ll see a crack in the wall on the right.

Press X to squeeze through it and you&#;ll see the safe inside. Just enter the code, grab the stuff, and you&#;ll be on your way again.

That&#;s everything you need to know about what the Big Win Safe combination and location is in Last of Us 2. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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