Cleo 2 Slot Machine

Cleo 2 slot machine
Casino Description No deposit bonus
Cafe Casino With the wild multiplier doubling every win and the. Cleopatra 2 250% Up to $ 2500
BetUS Casino Cleopatra II Cleopatra II by IGT is a very popular and successful sequel 200% Up to $ 3000 plus 2000 spins
Bodog Casino It is a continuation of the Cleopatra. Cleo 2 Slot 200% Up to $ 500
Super Slots Bravo girl. This would be so hot. To achieve wins on this slot, players 150% Up to $ 1000
Vegas Casino Online flagFlag as inappropriate. Better than white guys. We know what 150% Up to $ 3000
Bet US Casino You can enjoy free online Cleopatra 2 slot machine at our site.


150% Up to $ 1500
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This means that a max bet will be x the denomination selected. Cleo II is a video slot machine that is typically presented in a 5 reel and 20 line format. With the wild multiplier doubling every win and the.

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( it wasn't. No, no, no dear. The Cleopatra 2 slot is the follow-up or sequel to Cleopatra, a very popular game from IGT. Both are based on the last true pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra, and are.

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To unlock their bounty, you'll need at. Share in the. Read our review or try the free play version in your browser without having to sign up.

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Cleopatra 2 Slot ▷ Free Play Online Casino Slots [No Download]

  1. Cleopatra II by IGT is a dynamic slot with five reels and 20 payouts designed in the.Cleopatra 2 Cleopatra 2: Slot Features In the spirit of simplicity, the only other feature in Cleopatra 2 is a round of free spins. To unlock their bounty, you'll need at.
  2. Cleopatra Slots

    Cleopatra Slot Machine

    Cleopatra is a classic 5x4, 15 pay-line slot machine, produced by IGT. The game was released in and is still one of the world's most popular slots worldwide. Cleopatra is famous for its beautiful ancient Egyptian graphics, stunning sound effects, and free spin bonus round, where all wins get tripled.


    Free Cleopatra slots

    Here, we offer you a free version of the classic Cleopatra slot machine. You can play our free Cleopatra slots here with no download required, and no registration needed. Plus, we never use pop-up adverts or ask for your email address. All you have to do is click the 'play' button, spin the reels and enjoy!


    Cleopatra slots in Las Vegas

    When Cleopatra was first released, the gameplay it brought Las Vegas was revolutionary. Never before had a game managed to create such beauty and charm in its play. The game also offered a free spin bonus round, which at the time was incredibly innovative. Cleo became an instant Vegas sensation.

    The format of the game is relatively simple by today's standards. It plays on a 5x4 playing screen, with special symbols that include Wilds and Scatters. Two Sphinx symbols give an instant scatter reward; however, if you get three Sphinx symbols anywhere on the screen, it initiates the free spin bonus where you get 15 free spins. During the free spin bonus, you can accumulate big money because all wins get tripled.

    When you hit the bonus, you get a real sense of anticipation with Cleopatra's voice welcoming you into the game. The bonus round creates an adrenaline rush when you play, because with each spin made, the reels go a bit faster, and the music's tempo increases. 

    The Cleopatra slot machine has some interesting voice-overs as you play, with the queen herself wishing the player luck along the way. She appears regularly during the game to give encouragement and comment on any particularly good wins you may be enjoying. These small but significant touches are what makes the game so appealing.

    Because the game is now quite old, some of the original cabinets in the casinos have faded screens and colors. It has been good to see IGT (the company that makes the game) introduce updated cabinets with brand new vibrant screens and new speakers. It is incredible to hear (and feel) what a difference these changes make to the game, with the overall experience improved dramatically. In some ways, these new cabinets make it feel like a brand new game.


    New versions of Cleopatra slots

    As you would expect from one of the most popular slot machines ever made, there have been quite a few follow-up versions of Cleopatra slots. These games take advantage of the vast number of fans Cleopatra has accumulated over the years. The game is such a big brand in Vegas; people love to walk into a casino and discover a new version to play.


    Cleopatra 2 Slots

    The second version of Cleopatra slots manages to retain all the appeal of the original game, yet it also improves it. To do this is quite rare for a slot machine sequel. With this second version, IGT has produced a game that is both classic and recognizable, but with exciting new features.

    The main upgrade in the second version of Cleopatra slots is with the free spin bonus. In this version, players can win up to 50 free spins, and with each spin, the multiplier goes up by one. So, if you hit 50 free spins, your final spin will pay 50x on any winning line, which is massive!


    Cleopatra 3 Slots

    Unlike the second version of Cleopatra, this one took the game to a totally different style of play. For a start, it has two screens and pay-lines, as opposed to the single screen 5x4 setup of the previous two versions. If you have ever played the 'Colossal Reels' games made by WMS, you will recognize this as being very similar in how it plays, which is how they fit so many pay-lines into the game.

    Despite the new, innovative, and interesting way that this third version plays, it doesn't seem to have been as popular as the second version.


    Cleopatra Gold Slots

    Another more recent version of Cleopatra is the 'Gold' game. This one seems to be a much more popular game than Cleopatra 3, probably because it goes back to the original game formula that is known and loved, with just a few excellent enhancements to make it interesting.

    With this version, you get stacked wilds, and when you hit one, this results in a re-spin in an extra screen that suddenly appears. The way it plays is definitely better in the land-based version than online because it is better with the huge elongated screen that is only possible in the casino (screens on desktop or tablet are just too small to fit it in). But, it has to be said that the online version does a pretty good job and is a lot of fun to play.


    Cleopatra Fort Knox Slots

    This version of Cleopatra is much more common in UK land-based casinos (high street casinos) than it is in the US or in Europe. With this game, you get a block or four machines, or more, all attached to a single progressive jackpot. The beauty of the game is that you can hit the jackpot at any time, on any spin, irrespective of the amount you are betting. This is great because you do not have to play the maximum bet to stand a chance of winning a jackpot. The Fort Knox slot machine is perfect for the penny slot player.


    Real money online slots

    The Cleopatra online slot machine game is only available for real money in certain countries, where online gambling is regulated. As an example, you can play this game for cash online if you live in the UK, but not if you live in the US.

    That doesn't mean you can't play great games for real money online if you live in the US; it just means you have to choose different brands. For example, you can choose to play similar games called Cleopatra's Coins (made by Rival Gaming) and Cleopatra's Gold (made by RTG), rather than the original made by ITG.


    Cleopatra Slots FAQ:


    One of the more innovative games to be released by IGT over recent years, this game is attached to a pinball machine bonus round. The unique thing about this is that the bonus is skill-based, rather than being random.

    So, when you hit a bonus on Cleopatra pinball, you get the option of playing a free spin bonus, just like the original Cleopatra, or you can play a pinball game. If you choose the pinball, then the massive screen turns into an electronic version of pinball, which you can play to win bonus money.

    Cleopatra pinball is great fun, and it also gives you a lot more play for your money than the free spins. But you need to be good at pinball, so a lot of players end up choosing the regular free spins option. The game itself has not been a big hit in Vegas, but it is definitely fun to play. Likewise, there is also a version of Texas Tea (another famous game made by IGT) that has the same pinball option.


    Our final version of Cleopatra is not a slot machine at all, but is worth mentioning, because so many people love playing it. This is Cleopatra keno. It is a basic version of electronic keno, but with a lot of the graphics and sounds that are famous on the Cleopatra slot machine. It might not sound like anything special, but it is actually very enjoyable to play, if you enjoy keno.

    In Las Vegas, Cleopatra is still one of the most prevalent games. You will find the classic in all the major casinos as well as newer versions like Cleopatra 2, Cleopatra 3, and Cleopatra Gold. These games are found in pretty much all casinos in the US, including Atlantic City, Reno, and local casinos. 

    The Las Vegas version is exactly the same as our free online game here - it has the same free spin bonus round and the same pay-out rates.


    High limit casino game

    Cleopatra slots is particularly popular in high limit slot rooms in Las Vegas. It is probably the most popular of all the video slots and can be played in all the top casinos like The Bellagio, MGM Grand, The Venetian, and Caesars Palace. The best casino in Vegas for high limit play is generally thought to be Caesars Palace. They actually have two high limit rooms, rather than one, like the other casinos. The have Cleopatra in both of their high-limit rooms.

    The high limit game is generally available for playing $1 per line, but you can play up to 5 credits per line, which means you could gamble $ per spin if you go for the maximum bet on all 20 pay-lines.

    Other very popular high limit video slots in Vegas include the Buffalo slot machine and Texas Tea. As for three reel games, the most popular for high stakes cash games include Double Diamond as well as Triple Diamond - both of which can be found in almost every high roller rooms in casinos across the US.

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Cleopatra 2: Slot Features In the spirit of simplicity, the only other feature in Cleopatra 2 is a round of free spins. The Cleopatra 2 slot is the follow-up or sequel to Cleopatra, a very popular game from IGT. Both are based on the last true pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra, and are.

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Cleopatra 2 slot machine offers high paying wilds and scatters at 2,x the bet for landing five. This has to be the cutest porn I've ever seen.

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But it also features a powerful new Free Spins Bonus with an ever-growing bonus award multiplier up to 50x! Do you have a moment that stands out for you?

Cleo 2 slot machine

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Fuck. the guys are sexy tho.The Cleopatra II slot machine by IGT is now available online.

Cleo 2 slot machine

Cleopatra 2 online slot is a popular casino game that has been developed by IGT – a software developer and provider. It is a continuation of the Cleopatra. I mean.

Cleo 2 slot machine Cleopatra 2 Slot

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Cleopatra II by IGT is a dynamic slot with five reels and 20 payouts designed in the. Cleopatra II Cleopatra II by IGT is a very popular and successful sequel to one of the all-time most beloved IGT slots, the Cleopatra slot machine.

Cleo 2 slot machine

Cleo 2 Slot Machine Cleopatra II slot machine free play is one of the games devoted to ancient Egypt, it was greatly inspired with the figure. Cleopatra 2 Slots The second version of Cleopatra slots manages to retain all the appeal of the original game, yet it also improves it.

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cleopatra slot machine

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Cleo 2 slot machine
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