Is Live Casino Rigged

Is live casino rigged

Are Live Casinos Rigged? How To Tell if a Live Casino is Fair

  1. The camera is very. For.How to trust a live casino Some are rigged, ofcourse, but when you look into it through a safe side, it is not rigged. Its all due to GREED! There are plenty of times when us gamblers thought it was just bad luck when it fact it was rigged. The answer is no, only if it is licensed and is highly reliable.
  2. Do Live Dealers Cheat at Online Casinos?


    Are live casino games rigged? How do I know for sure?

    Are Live Casino Games RiggedThe question of online casinos being rigged has circulated for more than two decades. For the last fifteen years or so, it&#;s been proven that reputable gambling websites do not cheat their players. Software audits and certification bares evidence that computerized, RNG-based games are just as fair as those managed by professional dealers and croupiers.

    But RNG-based games and live casino games are quite different. Just like the tables at bricks-and-mortar casinos, they are operated by real, professionally trained dealers. They use real cards and roulette wheels. Every bit of the action mimics that of a land-based casino, minus the physical presence of the players.

    Unfortunately, humans are much more likely to err than computer software. Worse, it&#;s not always an accident. Just as dealers at land-based casinos have been caught cheating in the past, live dealers at online casinos have the same opportunity. So the question is&#;

    Do Live Dealers Cheat at Online Casinos?

    As much as I would like to give a flat, % &#;No!&#; to that question, I cannot. Live dealers have actually been caught cheating. In February of , a live casino player caught it on video, and it went viral on YouTube within hours. You can see it for yourself here:
    Online Live Blackjack Dealer Caught Cheating

    It was a sad day when this video released, rocking the live casino industry to its core. The gambling website, BetOnline, was caught up in massive a scandal, because one of the dealers of its chosen live casino provider, Global Gaming Labs (GGL), was caught cheating. For the record, BetOnline immediately dropped GGL from its providers, and GGL subsequently went out of business.

    On the bright side, this tragic incident renewed the efforts of upright studios to prove their worthiness to the iGaming masses. Which brings us to&#;

    Are Live Casino Games Rigged, and How do I Know?

    The largest live casino studio producers absolutely do not rig their table games. Their dealer&#;s are professionally trained to play a legitimate game. After all, casinos already have a house edge—they don&#;t need to cheat to make money.

    To prove their upright stature, casinos willingly undergo regular audits to certify their fairness. The results of their live games are monitored and calculated to determine if the actual RTP (return to player) meets the expected RTP. Slight deviations are permitted for proper and lax player decisions, but overall, when the RTPs line up, it&#;s clear that the live games are kosher.

    To know you&#;re getting a fair deal, all you have to do is play live casino games from studios with a solid reputation. These include companies like Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt and PlayTech. They take immense pride in their products, and are subject to the regulation of the strictest gaming authorities in the world.

    Suffice to say, if caught cheating, these companies would suffer tremendous penalties, the least of which would be including compensation of victimized players. And as the video above clearly shows, thanks to today&#;s modern technology and the vigilance of players, cheating is easy to uncover.

    There are countless online gamblers who record and/or live stream their game play on video services like YouTube and Twitch. Many of them have thousands of viewers who watch. If any form of cheating were to occur, you can rest assured the player, or one of their many viewers, would catch it. And like the cheating scandal of GGL, it would go viral within hours.

    So in answer to the question—Are live casino games rigged?—the dominant answer is no. It is possible, but any smart player can avoid being cheated by choosing their gambling websites wisely. For Canadians like myself, a good rule of thumb here is to avoid online casinos that accept US players.

  3. Are Live Casino Games Rigged? How do I Know?
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There are plenty of times when us gamblers thought it was just bad luck when it fact it was rigged. It is possible; however, any smart player can avoid being cheated by selecting their gambling sites wisely.

Is Live Casino Legit?

Live casinos are legit, and they are lawful as long as you play at a state that is legal to play at.

How to trust a live casino

The Live Dealers Are Professionals

Just because you don't see the live dealer face-to-face doesn't mean that they are not pros.

Is live casino rigged

So, conduct thorough research on the casino before joining it. Why would they risk their businesses and the jobs of hundreds of people for the sake of a few extra pounds per spin?

No Concrete Evidence Produced

  • Many people would need to be involved to perform any cheating. The whole reason behind this question is because of that.

    Some are rigged, ofcourse, but when you look into it through a safe side, it is not rigged. No Chance.

    The Bottom Line

    I have no reason to believe that Live Roulette is fixed, or Live casino providers are cheating players or the casinos that use their services.

    But that doesn&#;t mean you should just play anywhere.

    If you stick to some basic guiding principles you will minimise the risk of playing anywhere that is likely to cheat you.

    1. Only use casinos that use a Live casino provider that is licensed.

      is online casino rigged reddit

      If you lose, the money goes to the casino; if you win the casino pays you.

    2. The casino has no access to the games or software that delivers the live games, so they have no way to manipulate the outcome.

Games and Dealers are Monitored and Audited

  • Game integrity is one of the benchmarks by which the suppliers measure themselves. All in all, live casinos are % secure.

    The Internet Never Forgets

    With free search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo at your disposal, finding relevant information about any online casinos is a cakewalk.

    They just run out of money.

End to End processes are segregated

  • The games are not run by the casinos; they use third party suppliers to provide the games that are licensed and audited.

    rigged casino games

    When you place a bet it’s taken from your casino account. The answer is no, only if it is licensed and is highly reliable. Same applies when choosing a live casino. You can find information about their support, payment duration, gameplay experience, and so on. In fact, don't start playing if you don't know anything about the house advantage or house edge. Why pick on one individual placing a few £/€ bets.

    Also, these casinos conduct rigorous ID verification processes on all players before they can withdraw anything. The good news is that yes, you can indeed trust live casino games. Live casinos and developers both stand to lose too much if they. The results of their live casino games are monitored and calculated to determine if the actual RTP meets the expected RTP.

    Slight deviations are allowed for proper and lax player decisions, however overall, when the RTPs line up, it’s clear that the live casino games are lawful.


    How Do I Know They Are Not Rigged?

    To know if you’re getting a fair deal, play live dealer casino games from studios with a solid reputation.

    Land based casinos have live roulettes that have dealers who know how to throw the ball pretty precisely and.

    Is Live Roulette Fixed?

    Are players being cheated when playing live roulette online? The people are proud of the jobs they do and the quality of the casino products they produce.

    No legitimate casino would use their service if money was being skimmed from them or their players.

    There hasn&#;t been any hard physical evidence produced that shows cheating.

    We have seen a dealer do something strange in a video, but there were as many issues with this as there were accusations of cheating.

    Does anyone really think that if there was whole-scale cheating going on to the level Is live casino rigged people suggest that it could ever be kept secret?

    Of course, they are going to lose. These include Classic slots free coins like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, also NetEnt, and Playtech.

    To prove their standing stature, casinos undergo regular audits to certify their fairness. Many of them have thousands of viewers who watch.

    If any kind of cheating were to occur, you can rest assured the players, or one of their viewers would catch it.

    are online casinos rigged uk

    For example, the UK Gambling Commission regulates all gambling activities within Great Britain. They can, but it is simply not worth it for everyone involved. If you're playing on a reputable site, you can be sure that it's.

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    Also, cheating at online live casinos isn't possible because the players and the dealer's actions are visible through a camera. It doesn&#;t mean that if you play with £ you&#;ll only lose £ It doesn&#;t work like that and you won&#;t. I would argue they are probably betting too much to suffer the losses during those 20 spins. If you look at the distribution Is live casino rigged results you’ll see they tend to balance out.

    Their live dealers are professionally trained to play genuine games. Transparency is a key factor in setting the reputation of a live casino. And like the cheating scandal of GGL, it would also go viral within hours.

     In Answer to the Question—Are Live Casino Games Rigged?

    The main answer is no. However, this alone doesn't prevent scammers from accessing the player's personal information and funds. Specialist live casino review sites like LiveCasinoComparer give independent advice and recommendations.

  • If you keep losing, Stop Playing.

    It's suggested that casinos are using this device to cheat players. They have to provide the games following strict guidelines set out by the licensing agencies.

  • The live casino provider does not handle any cash or financial transactions. Well, that's far from the truth. By that, I mean by the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority or one of the European gaming agencies.
  • Only use casinos and software providers that are recommended by reputable sources.

    Love the spitting, flashes, and of course, the smile at the end. So after about hours of careful observation and some covert filming, I've come to discover that larger casinos are rigging their poker. Their dealer's are professionally trained to play a legitimate.

    blacklisted online casinos

    The betting process is integrated with the casinos own financial systems. The vast land of online casinos is regulated, just like the physical casino industry. Can live dealer games be rigged? While the accusation is that games are set up in a way that the player never wins, the truth is the casino must have an advantage or they will go out of.

    For example, if they have spun in the same number consecutively or hit the same section of the wheel on a greater frequency than is normal. Its all due to GREED! The online games are rigged. They don't have licenses, RNGs, and other vital security measures. It should be noted that no one has ever come forward with evidence to show these devices are being used in Live Casino Studios.

    These two videos show the ball bouncing around the wheel in a manner the posters think is strange.

    Who’s posting these Videos?

    Some are posted by disgruntled players that have lost.

    Some are posted by people who have something to sell or promote.

    Interestingly, they boast similar licenses to those working in a land-based casino. ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°) This guy keeps sneaking into my house and drinking my milk wtf do. So, don't settle for an online live casino that provides games from little-known suppliers.

    Live Casinos Use Cutting-Edge Security Methods

    As said before, most live casinos are licensed and regulated. If one thing is consistent is Ball behaviour is not consistent.

    Is live casino rigged

    All dealers running online live casinos are well-trained croupiers. They take immense pride in their products and are subject to the guideline of the strictest gaming authorities in the world.

    Suffice to say, if they are caught cheating, these businesses will suffer great penalties. I&#;ve seen and understood the effects spin can have on the behaviour of a ball.

    The vast majority of live games you'll play at online casinos haven't been. There&#;s no need to cheat.

  • The Casino and software provider has a multi million-pound business to protect. You may win a bit or lose it all, that&#;s the nature of gambling.
  • Recommendations

    If you&#;ve got this far and believe as I do that Live Roulette is a game of chance, you can win and lose then you&#;ll want to know where it&#;s safe to play.

    I have my favourites, Leo Vegas, Royal Panda and MrGreen are three.

Are Live Casinos Rigged?

Published by KyleJanuary 28, Categorie(s): Casino News

The biggest live casino studio producers do not rig their table games.

If you try to Is live casino rigged smart in the room, they'll kick you out and your casino account suspended altogether.

They Are Regulated

Make no mistake. Is Live Roulette Fixed in favour of the casinos and live casino providers? The dealers have instructions to alert the pit boss if results have become seemingly repeatable.

Doesn’t the ball behaviour look consistent with the ball behaviour in the Cheating videos? A lot of what I’ve seen in the videos reminds me of that.

I’m not sure that anything exists that describes what sensible ball and wheel behaviour looks like. While the accusation is that games are set up in a way that the player never wins, the truth is the casino must have an advantage or they will go out of.

That figure is met over millions of spins. For example, if you want to play European roulette, understand that the operator will get their % cut whether you win or lose.

Given that the casino will make something at the end of the day, it demotivates them from rigging the games. I think it does!

I’ve done as much as any outsider could do to satisfy themselves that these places aren’t crooked.

I’ve visited live casino studios, seen the games up close and even been to the training academies.

These are professional organisations.

If thresholds are Luckyland slots redeem, alarms are raised and someone investigates.

  • In some live casino studios, monitoring is more manual. Players can search reviews online and find out what other players and reviewers say about specific live casinos.

    Is live casino rigged

    When you have two independent devices that act independently from each other you’re going to see unpredictable results!

    I&#;ve studied all sorts of videos and play roulette myself. If they don&#;t report it they risk losing their jobs.

  • Already an Edge Built-in

    • There is already an edge built into the game that guarantees that the house always wins. It.

      Gambling is something that should always be about having fun, rather than a hobby. Both are compelling in their own ways.

      Where’s the Evidence of Cheating?

      Evidence of alleged roulette cheating isn’t difficult to find on the Internet.

      YouTube has video recordings of strange happenings on Roulette wheels and some of the player forums have topics covering the subject.

      Individually the evidence is hardly damming, but it’s worth taking a look to see the sort of things being posted and said.

      Video Evidence on YouTube

      This shows that a false ball can be manipulated by an electric device held close to it.

      It’s suggested that casinos are using this device to cheat players.

      evolution blackjack rigged

      Ass I came through the catacombs. Don't be fooled by the attractive bonuses because that could be bait.

    Looks like so much fun. This shows that a false ball can be manipulated by an electric device held close to it. The camera is very.

    is evolution gaming rigged

    After all, casinos have a house edge—they don&#;t Golden slot review to cheat to make money. These regulators, with many others, demand fairness and security on any gambling platform before issuing a license.

    Trusted Software Developers Power Them

    When searching for the perfect online casino, the type of software developers it partners with is critical. Both are monitored by people and software.

    The largest live casino studio producers absolutely do not rig their table games. If you reduce the history to say 50 results you get a more distorted view, which again is quite normal in random games.

  • When people complain of losing they talk in streaks of 20 or so spins. Remember the RTP for European Live Roulette is %.

    In the end, operators can't risk mudding their reputation for short-term profits.


    Spotting a rigged online live casino should be easy after reading this post. There are bodies mandated to ensure online casinos follow all gambling laws within their jurisdiction.

    Is live casino rigged

    The least of which would be including the compensation of victimized players.

    Countless gamblers record or live stream their gameplay on video services such as YouTube and Twitch. The developer in question can determine whether the games are fair, and the gameplay is entertaining enough. Today, Evolution Gaming is the most successful live casino software supplier. They’re trying to get lots of views on their video channel.

    And then there’s evidence in player forums like Casinomeister, where cheating is discussed, videos are posted and opinions voiced.

    And all sorts of Theories!

    The latest theory I read was from a player that was trying to record evidence of him being cheated.

    Unfortunately every time he recorded he won, when he switched off his camera he lost.

    He somehow felt that the software knew what he was doing and behaved accordingly to cover up that it was cheating him!

    Let’s examine a few reasons why there might not be any cheating

    • A live roulette table is played by ’s if not ’s of players at the same time and all from different online casinos.

      Are players being conned out of their bankrolls?

      I’d like to say an unequivocal Yes or No.

      But I can’t because I don’t own or run the tables or businesses that host Live Dealer Roulette.

      I&#;ve done my research, visited the suppliers and studios and interviewed staff within the companies.

      Personally, I don’t believe roulette or any live casino game is fixed.

      But claims Is live casino rigged being posted online that claim Live Roulette is fixed.

      So I thought it would be a useful exercise to review the evidence and arguments for both sides.

      Luckily, that is less likely to happen currently, as most online casinos use SSL encryption to secure communication. Other prominent names to look for include Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. It would be inconceivable to think that no one in that chain would be able to keep quiet. They put a lot of effort into monitoring the games and dealers to ensure there is no deviation from Casino world free slots games operating parameters.

      So, because they are professionals, it's improbable they'll scam you.

      The Games Are Fair

      If you don't want to be disappointed playing at online casinos, start by knowing that the house always wins. It doesn&#;t make sense, what will the casino gain?

    Statistics Don&#;t Lie

    • You can actually see up to the last spins on most tables. In general.

      Is live casino rigged How to Know If Casino Games Are Rigged or Not

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      • Live Roulette rigged at high stakes? - Casinomeister Forum

      I play all night You can watch my channel Wow. Que coñito más lindo tiene la pelirroja, se lo comía enterito.Are Live Casinos Rigged? You see it behave strangely everywhere!

      Look at this video of a player winning big on roulette.

      are online slots rigged

      On the other hand, Malta Gaming Authority oversees betting activities in Malta. For. › Features › Rigged Casino Guide. It’s inconceivable that every number wouldn’t be covered and Is live casino rigged the distribution of bets across the table wouldn’t be fairly even.

    • The claim the ball is being directed into numbers a player hasn’t Is live casino rigged on just doesn’t hold water, especially when all numbers are being covered by the &#;s of players.

      Most uninformed players think that dealers are just some pretty faces behind the scenes with basic training. We&#;ve never seen or heard any concrete evidence from anyone since live online Roulette was introduced.

    What do I think?

    I don’t believe the Live Casino providers are cheating players.

    I can’t deny the “evidence” that has been posted looks strange.

    I’m a practical & sensible person and could probably explain away a lot of the “evidence” as just bad luck.

    I’ve played golf, table tennis and other ball sports for years.

    Can Live Dealer Blackjack Games be Rigged?

    One of the biggest fears casino players have is being cheated by the casino.

    I’ve talked to dozens of live casino players who constantly talk about how they’ve been cheated by the casino.

    This number is low compared to the number of online players who claim they’ve been cheated by an Internet casino.

    The only question I get more than is online blackjack Penguin slot machine is if online poker is rigged?

    Of course it’s an entirely different subject for another day, but I feel a lot safer playing blackjack than poker when it comes to being cheated.

    On this page I cover many of the common cheating claims, show you a few ways that cheating could actually occur, a few real issues online blackjack players may face, and discuss a few individual casinos.

    As I explain in greater detail below, the best way to know you’re playing a fair game and not being cheated is play at an established and trusted online casino.

    Ones with a long track record of honest play and customer service are the place you want to play.

    The two I can recommend off the top of my head are Guts Casino live blackjack and 5 Dimes real dealer blackjack. Both of these companies have been offering online gambling for years and I’ve played at both of them for real money in the past.

    So, is blackjack rigged at casinos?

    Claims of Cheating

    The same arguments and claims are made about live dealer blackjack as video blackjack.

    So the following claims are in reference to both of the following questions.

    Is video blackjack rigged?

    Is live dealer blackjack rigged?

    The most frequent claim that I read about blackjack being rigged is that a player has lost 5 straight hands, or 7 straight hands, or 10 straight hands.

    Casino Description No deposit bonus
    Vegas Casino Online If you're playing on a reputable site, you can be sure that it's. The 250% Up to $ 1500 plus 1000 spins
    Vegas Casino Online The vast majority of live games you'll play at online casinos haven't been. It's 150% Up to $ 2000
    TonyBet Casino So after about hours of careful observation and some covert filming, I've come 200% Up to $ 2500
    Las Atlantis Land based casinos have live roulettes that have dealers who know how to throw 50% Up to $ 500
    BetWay Casino I've also always rather liked. So, to answer the question, 200% Up to $ 2500 plus 500 spins
    Spin Casino You can see it for yourself here:
    Online Live Blackjack Dealer Caught Cheating


    250% Up to $ 3000
    BetUS Casino Ur head game sexy Tu mama guevo rico. And the weak 200% Up to $ 1000 plus 1000 spins

    The person complaining states that the game must be rigged because they lost so many straight hands as if that fact alone proved something.

    What these players don’t seem to understand is how probabilities and statistics work.

    While you won’t lose 10 hands in a row very often, it can and will happen. Just because something is rare doesn’t mean that when it happened the casino is cheating or the game is rigged.

    The odds of losing 8 hands in a row are only 1 in so you’ll have long losing streaks.

    On the other side you’ll occasionally have long winning streaks too.

    But most players quickly forget the winning streaks and scream bloody murder when the casino wins a few hands in a row.

    The next complaint I see kind of falls under the same type of thing.

    Pokerstars Casino Slots

    PokerStars Casino Review | PokerStars Casino Extra Spins. Reviewed By Adam KennyOnline Casino. Sports Betting. Daily Fantasy. Published: Jun 24 middot; 9 min readUpdated: June 1st, Youve probably heard of PokerStars before. Whether its for their signature poker offering, or for their sports betting, they have a great reputation as being a safe, secure, and high-quality place to play. Here well delve into the PokerStars Casino offering, from top slots to massive jackpots. PokerStars Casino at a Glance Online Since: Welcome bonus up to £ Free Spins Gambling AuthorityUKGC Casino Software:Playn GO, Pragmatic Play, StakeLogic MorePokerstars Casino Welcome Bonus Up To £ Free Spins Bonus Code: BONUSVisit Site Min. deposit £10 with code BONUS. Debit card only. Wagering requirements apply. Selected Slots only. 5 redemption points per £1 to clear bonus. Game contributions vary. 7-day expiry. When you sign up for your account at PokerStars, youll get free spins and a matched deposit up to £ when you make your first deposit of £ Remember to use the deposit code BONUSSome key terms and conditions include:Available to new UK players only, 18Offer is based on first depositWagering requirementsMinimum deposit of £10Free spins valid on selected slotsPlease gamble responsiblyThis is a great offer that doesnt come with too many additional TCs, but its always a good idea to read them before claiming anyway. PokerStars Casino Free Spinsnbsp;To see all of the promotions available to you, head over to the promotions section when youre logged in. Free spins promotions are pretty ubiquitous at PokerStars, so even after youve claimed the welcome offer, youre likely to qualify for a lot more. Theyre usually based on meeting some criteria, for example depositing a certain amount. The great news is that free spins here dont usually come with wagering requirements and jackpot wins from free spins are paid out in cash. PokerStars Casino Overviewnbsp;PokerStars is pretty much a household name when it comes to poker and sports betting, so we were excited to take a look at their casino offering. Were thrilled to tell you that its just as good as any other of their products. Here you can look forward to a fantastic array of games, ranging from the latest slot titles, to a totally immersive live casino experience. There are also regular promotions and the chance to earn loyalty points - what more could you want. PokerStars is based on the Isle of Man, and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which is the major authority for UK online casinos. Thus you can be assured a safe and secure experience. The website is also thoroughly encrypted, and your funds are protected to the highest level, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your experience at one of the best online UK casinos. AdvantagesGreat selection of gamesLoyalty program open to all playersTrusted name in the industryDisadvantagesLive chat could be improved Game Variety at PokerStars Product Coveragenbsp;United KingdomYou might have a misconception that PokerStars is only about poker, but were here to let you know that this isnt true at all. Theres a separate poker website and another for sports, so the main focus at PokerStars Casino is on slots and live dealer games. When it comes to slots, you can expect new titles, fan favourites and even a great selection of exclusive games. The live casino is made up of thrilling titles across all of the casino classics, and in addition there are lots of card and table games, plus some instant win options. PokerStars Slot GamesPokerStars definitely doesnt disappoint when it comes to game variety. Some of the most popular titles here include Book of Dead, Sweet Bonanza and The Dog House, but the best thing to do is browse the selection of hundreds of games, because you never know what you might find.

    Players say that a certain casino’s blackjack game is tighter than others and if the player gets a good hand like a pair of face cards the dealer gets the same hand or a blackjack more often than normal.

    The funny thing is I’ve seen a player complain that casino A is tighter than casino B and then seen a different player complain that casino B was tighter than casino A.

    The fact is these complainers are simply making statements based on guesses and what they think they see over Whats the best online slot game few hundred hands at best.

    What you never see is anyone that has actually tracked the hundreds of thousands of hands needed to make a real determination of blackjack cheating.

    I believe there are two reasons for this.

    The first reason is the general player is too lazy to actually do the work required to track that many hands. The second reason is if anyone does track the hands they find out that the games are in actuality fair so they stop complaining.

    How It Could Happen

    The easiest way for an online casino to rig a live dealer blackjack game is by removing some aces or face cards Is live casino rigged the shoe.

    Because most live dealer games use a 6 or 8 deck shoe and don’t go pat 50% penetration it’d be quite difficult for the average player to determine this was happening.

    But a player who took the time to track enough hands would be able to see it in the statistics eventually.

    I’d want at least 25, hands to start making any accusations, andwould be better.

    The only other feasible way is to use a stacked shoe, but the problem with this is in most games they have no way of knowing for sure how many seats will be filled at any time throughout the shoe. With a stacked shoe the casino needs to know how many players will be playing each round, and even then the players don’t always make the same decisions so it alters the outcomes.

    Why It Doesn’t Happen

    Of course I can’t guarantee that you’ll never find an online casino that cheats or a live dealer blackjack game that bends the rules, but for the most part it just doesn’t happen with the best online casinos.

    If an online casino or blackjack game is caught cheating it will cost the company millions of dollars, even if they can stay in business.

    The news of a casino caught cheating will spread like wildfire through the Internet community and players will never trust the casino again.

    Online blackjack games don’t have to cheat in order to turn a long term profit.

    Even the blackjack games that have the lowest house edge have a half percent edge over the player.

    And the only way a player can play at the lowest house edge is by playing perfect strategy.

    Most blackjack players don’t use perfect strategy, so they give the house an additional edge.

    I don’t have the exact numbers that online blackjack games operate at profit wise, but even if it’s as low as 1% overall they make money hand over fist.

    And the truth is that the overall house edge is probably closer to 2% than 1%.

    Here’s an example to show just how profitable online blackjack is with a fair game.

    If the average live dealer table has five players each betting an average of $25 per hand and the game deals 50 hands per hour the total amount wagered on the table per hour is $6, At 1% this is an hourly profit of $ per table.

    But the numbers in the example are quite conservative.

    If the edge is 2% the hourly profit is $ If the average wager is $50 with a 2% edge the profit is $

    Remember this example just covers live dealer play.

    While some live dealers can deal more than 50 hands per hour, if you play on one of the software driven blackjack games you can easily play hands per hour or more.

    The other thing that most online blackjack players do is keep playing until they lose their entire deposit. While this is simply the average house edge grinding their bankroll down, it’s what makes blackjack even more profitable for the casino.

    Most players who have a decent run and get ahead at the blackjack tables keep playing and eventually the percentages catch up with them.

    In the short run the casino house edge at any blackjack table fluctuates a great deal, but as long as the casino has a big enough bankroll to ride out the short term they’re guaranteed a profit unless players figure out a way to alter the odds.

    Some players can gain an edge against the casino in live play in a land based casino, but they can’t while playing live dealer blackjack online.

    So is online blackjack rigged?

    The bottom line is the casinos have no reason to cheat online blackjack players.

    In the long term it’s more profitable to deal a fair game than run the risk of being caught cheating.

    I want to finish this section with a quote from a Bodog representative about blackjack.

    “At the end of the day all Casino games, Blackjack included, have a house edge. We have no reason to alter the game in anyway. All you need to do is walk down the strip in Vegas and you have all the proof you need that offering a fair and honest game of Blackjack is just simply good business.”

    Individual Casinos

    Over the past several months I’ve received questions about different online casinos.

    These questions include the following.

    Is Bovada blackjack rigged or is Bodog rigged?

    Is MyVegas blackjack rigged or is BetOnline blackjack rigged?

    For the same reasons I’ve already covered above Is live casino rigged don’t believe any of these casinos offer rigged blackjack games or any other games.

    I don’t have as much personal experience with the second pair as with Bodog and Bovada, but I trust all of their blackjack games %.

    are online casinos rigged

    My personal experience with the Bodog brands is so good that I’ve played for real money with them for over 10 years and will continue to do so.

    Real Problems

    As you can see you don’t have to worry about live dealer blackjack games being rigged as long as you play at established and trusted online casinos.

    A few real problems blackjack players face is the ability to get money into and out of online casinos. Of course this depends a great deal on where you live, but it’s always nice to feel safe in the thought you can easily and safely take your money out of the casino when you hit a nice win.

    If you can open a popular online wallet like Skrill or Neteller it’s the best way to quickly and safely move money around with online casinos.

    If you can’t, have a conversation with the support department before you make a deposit to find out the best way for players in your country to make a withdrawal.

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