Duck Dynasty Slots

Duck dynasty slots

The third-party sources display different data relative to the RTP index of the slot. If you find Uncle Si, he’ll call more ducks to the pond; if you find three beavers or run out of ducks, the bonus ends.

Overall, Zynga’s Duck Dynasty is a quality slot with two bonus rounds, signature phrases, TV scenes, and a good background.

Play the funniest Vegas Slots ever – for FREE. Moreover, the wheel of fortune provides an opportunity to earn up to 2, credit points or even more free spins (up to 25).

Fishing Duck dynasty slots Credit

From the name of the bonus feature, it’s clear that the Flintstones slot machine online free word here is fishing.

These are:

  • Froggin’ Free Games
  • Duck’s Prize Wheel
  • Willie’s Bullseye Bonus
  • The Si Show
  • Fishing for Credits
  • Lucky Ducks Bonus

Froggin’ Free Games is a simple free spins round on a separate set of five reels, without the Duck Dynasty logo jackpot symbols or the bonus wheel symbol.

And the winning pool will depend on the size of the bet.

The slot has an Autoplay feature, which eases the process of gambling and allows players to spin the reels in automatic mode.

If you want to read about the rules of the slot and its payout options, then you can visit special sections, namely – Paytable and Game Rules.

The standard wilds are just that, and they count for any symbol when making up a winning payline.

Pull five wilds in one payline for a prize of x your stake, which starts at $99 and goes up to $14,.

The second kind of wild is a clumped wild symbol in the form of a frog. On random spins, he’ll lick the reel and a clump of frog wilds will appear in that spot.

Lastly, wilds also have a chance to appear as one of the mystery reels, which replace a whole reel with one symbol every few spins.


There are two scatter types on the Duck Dynasty slot.

This means the highest win possible is $ at a maximum bet.

Who is this game ideal for?

The Duck Dynasty slot game is obviously suited for fans of the series. The latter is gross,though, and could turn you off from the game if you don’t like zombie movies to begin with.

Bonus features include Reel Growth, the Wheel Bonus, Escape Atlanta free spins, and the CDC Wheel.

Reel Growth sees the middle reels randomly expand from four spaces to seven spaces.

Bally secured a good number of official features, such as video clips and musical pieces. THIS IS REDNECK VEGAS, Y'ALL! 50 pay line slot machine that was developed by Bally Technologies for land based casinos.

Casino Description No deposit bonus
10Bet Casino Relive your favorite Duck Dynasty™ moments: hunt with. Duck Dynasty 50% Up to $ 2500 plus 500 spins
Bet US Casino Relive your favorite Duck Dynasty™ moments: hunt with Willie, cook with Miss Kay. 100% Up to $ 1500 plus 500 spins
BetWay Casino Duck Dynasty Slot Machine ; Willie Robertson the Duck Commander CEO; Korie 150% Up to $ 3000 plus 1000 spins
Super Slots Play the funniest Vegas Slots ever – for FREE. to Hawaii 150% Up to $ 1500
Bovana Casino Subscribed!. Wet and tight vagina such as hers, massaging my cock, and those absolutely 150% Up to $ 1000
Ignition Casino The upper screen is for video displays, while the lower 250% Up to $ 2000
TonyBet Casino Girl love that ass and wet pussynext video show your 150% Up to $ 1500 plus 1500 spins

This really creates excitement when zombies are coming towards the top screen and your chair is rumbling.

As for the actual game, The Walking Dead gives you 4, ways to win on every spin. There are three variations of this wheel, with a 1x, 2x, or 5x multiplier.

Duck dynasty slots Duck Dynasty Slots Review

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If you look closely at the bottom of the reels, a little frog sits there. You can enjoy a wide variety of themed bonuses, jackpots, and more.

Bally has been making slots for U.S. casinos for over 60 years. This is a themed game based on the famous TV-show which is focused.

Duck dynasty slots

Can you reach the same success as it was done by the Robinson family? From duck till dawn, casino fans can now play with the Robertson family in Zynga's Duck Dynasty® Slots. Duck Dynasty is a payline, five-reel slot game. Duck Dynasty Slots - THIS IS REDNECK VEGAS, Y'ALL! This takes you into Atlanta, where you’ll find a large wheel that features free spins, jackpots, credits, and CDC Wheelspins.

If you trigger the CDC Wheel through the Wheel Bonus, you’ll spin for more credit prizes, multipliers, extra spins, and smaller bonus features.

Escape Atlanta free spins not only give you more chances at bonus payouts, but also see you maneuver past zombies to escape the city.

In summary, The Walking Dead slot goes above and beyond to live up to the famed show.

Bets start at $ a spin and go up to $45, or $ to $3 per line.

The principle of the bonus lies in spinning the wheel. For now, check out the description of Buffalo gambling machine Dynasty Slots as provided by the. This is a lucky game because you need to choose lures and use them to catch a fish. The symbols include all the show’s main characters, such as Uncle Si, Phil, Willie, Miss Kay, and Korie.

But it’d be better if Sons of Anarchy included real life depictions of the characters like Ducky Dynasty does.

Moving back to the positives, Sons of Anarchy offers lots of animations, including bikers riding across the top screen, Jax putting his jacket on, and Clay riding his bike.

This game is based on the same titled. Zynga is a leading developer of the. This gives you one of six different bonus rounds.

The bonus wheel uses a touchscreen system for your spin. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how comfortable or experienced you are at playing slots.

The bonus rounds are all themed around the show and feature appropriate video clips and cast voiceovers.

You can’t pull more free spins to extend your run.

The Duck Prize Wheel unlocks a second wheel for you to spin once. There are also fewer paylines here than in many other Bally slots.

No auto spin: No auto spins and no customization of paylines means dedicated players may find this title lacking in advanced options.

Final ratings

  • Graphics and design: 3/5 – The visuals are great if you enjoy the show.

    With so much going on, it could prove a little too much for newer or casual slots players.

    Fewer paylines and relatively small bonus payouts: Some of the bonus payouts aren’t great, especially at lower bet levels. Saw his dick xDIts hard to be coherent hahaha "The evening of the same day" CUT TO: MORNING According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.

    And it’s not surprising that the slot became popular after the release as well. We found this quite frustrating.

    There’s also no auto spin feature, and you can’t customize paylines. Who knows, maybe you will repeat the success of the Robinson family?

Duck Dynasty Slot Machine

Symbols include Willie, Phil, Uncle Si, Jase, Miss Kay, a football, drink, Cadillac, duck, and silver duck head.

Just like Bally’s game, main characters are depicted with real life pictures, while other symbols are animated.

And it’s impossible to get boring while playing this slot. For sure, it will take some of your time to be familiar with all this data. This feature stands out the video slot from other competitors and attracts the gamblers. The graphics aren’t as good in Zynga’s Duck Dynasty, but they compare well to theaverage online / mobile slot.

The background in Zynga’s game features more character since you’re in a duck blind overlooking a field of ducks.

The slot is all about the Robinson family from Louisiana and based on the true story of their life and success.

The Duck Dynasty review will reveal the truth about this slot and get to know you with all pros and cons of the game.

The Duck Dynasty Slot Machines – The Successful Story of Robinson’s Family

The game was released by the end of or the beginning of There is no firm data relative to the slot release from the side of the company.

The multipliers you earn are 1x, to 5x, and 7x. The winning will vary depending on the accuracy of your shot and can reach 1, credit points.

Prize Wheel

The appearance of the prize wheel on the bonus wheel grants you multipliers (x1, x2, or x5). Duck Dynasty is introduced by Bally gaming technologies, and as the name suggests, it's very popular and famous among the casinos in Australia and America.

Every successful combination is displayed with unique and captivating 3D effects. Fishing. Here, you can get x to 66x your initial bet before the bonus game, as well as a multiplier (1x to 7x) on that. Spin the wheel to get credits worth to coins when you play Duck Dynasty slot machine online. But Bally’s Duck Dynasty is better due to its superior graphics,exciting bonuses, and numerous features.

Sons of Anarchy Slot Machine Image

Sons of Anarchy

Based on FX’s Sons of Anarchy TV show, this 6 reel, 60 pay line slot Jackpot jump slots was developed by Aristocrat for land based casinos.

Just like Duck Dynasty, Sons of Anarchy features an interesting cabinet that offers two inch video screens.

However, it is also too variable and has no customization or auto spins for more experienced players.

What’s hot?duck dynasty 2

Big license, done well: If you like the Duck Dynasty show, you’ll enjoy this game. That’s it. to Hawaii with the Robertson clan! Of course, the symbols are also categorized into few categories.

Low-Paid Symbols are:

  • Duck;
  • Deer;
  • Miss Kay;
  • Fish;
  • Korie.

And the High-Paid Ones are:

But there is one more category of them – Special Symbols by the name of Duck Call.

Play the funniest Vegas Slots ever – for FREE. Duck Dynasty is a 5 reel. This is done through Reel Power, which, like Sons of Anarchy, sees you win when matching symbols appear inconsecutive reels (rather than pay lines).

The only downside to having 4, ways to win is that you must make a $ minimum bet.

Instead of winning combinations forming in traditional pay lines, Cluster Power paysyou as long as matching symbols are found on connecting reels.

This game also features several bonuses, including Men of Mayhem, Outlaw Multiplier, and the Jackpot Wheel.

Men of Mayhem is triggered randomly and sees a row of bikers riding across the screen.

But the latter holds an edge due to its 7 bonus rounds and frequent TV scenes.

The Walking Dead Slots Image

The Walking Dead

Another Aristocrat game, The Walking Dead is a 6 reel slot machine based on AMC’s most successful TV show ever.

The Walking Dead derives its popularity by creating thrills and drama in a post apocalyptic, zombie filled world.

You swipe the screen to send the wheel spinning in hopes of collecting a huge payout or free spins.

The Sons Best return to player slots Anarchy slot machine is almost as in depth and impressive as Duck Dynasty. This expands the reels from a 6×5 grid into an 8×10 grid, and anarchy wild symbols help you form stackedwilds.

The Outlaw Multiplier begins with bikers riding across the top of the screen.

However, the lack of big-money secondary jackpots, and the fact you have to be at a maximum bet to access it puts the value down a notch.

  • Replay value: 4/5 – Seven different bonus games will take anyone a long time to run through. Wilds do not count towards the five jackpot pulls.

    Additional features & bonus rounds

    There are tons of features in the Duck Dynasty slot, including a massive seven different bonus games, along with mystery reels, clumped wild symbols, and even more extras.

    Possibly the single best thing about this game is its enviable collection of additional content.

    They deserve better. Even if you’re not a fan, tunes from a world-renowned band such as these bearded, Texan rockers make for a better soundtrack than what’s offered by most slot titles.

    Betting options & paying combinationsduck dynasty interface 1

    Duck Dynasty is a payline, five-reel slot game.

    Duck dynasty slots transition to the bonus game is followed by an extra visual effect. There are no standard slot symbols to fill out the roster on this one. This feature is combined with Wild Attack, where zombies attack the screen and generate random wild symbols.

    The Wheel Bonus is triggered when you get 3 or more wheels on the reels. Play the funniest Vegas Slots ever – for FREE.

    Duck dynasty slots

    This is by no means a bad range of bets, but it falls Duck dynasty slots of the highest-rolling online slots by some margin.

    Penny-slots players will certainly be happy with a suitably low minimum bet in place.

    This game has a relatively low number of paylines compared to most modern slots. It varies from 94% to 96%. Otherwise, they’re not very impressive. Expect such activities as picking fish for cash prizes, shooting bullseyes with Willie, or watching bouncing frog wild symbols zip across the reels during free games.

    Lastly, we have the official theme music for the show, ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.” If you enjoy dad-friendly classic rock, you should love this.

    It has around 7 special features that can increase the winning pool significantly. Even despite the Money game slot years of existence, the game still attracts and engages gamblers over the globe. A license plate will fall off one of the bikes and reveal your multiplier for one spin.

    The Jackpot Wheel is triggered when you land 3 or more reaper symbols anywhere on the reels.

    This girl is cute. You’ll get eight to 12 free spins, and extra wilds will appear and remain on the reels after each spin. In this game, the primary task is to pick 3 out of 8 and earn a reward. And this is a good possibility to increase the winnings.

    Miss Kay Turtle Quest

    This is a mini-game that transfers a player into a new playground field.

    Free spins, amazing bonuses, crazy wilds and.

    Duck Dynasty Slots Review


    Before ending its run in , Duck Dynasty was one Money collecting games the most popular Duck dynasty slots TV shows for American viewers over the past decade. The reward is presented in credit points and can reach points.

    Si Show

    And again, the mini-game (spinning the lucky wheel), where Uncle Si is dancing in the background.

    The provider hasn’t left the data relative to the bet stakes. Probably, it’s a successful American reality TV show or an equally popular video slot of the same name by Scientific Games. The top screen is what brings this slot to life because you’ll see terrifyingzombies, TV scenes, and bonus rounds.

    Another perk to the VerveHD cabinet is its iChair, which rumbles at various points.

    It’s low.

    Taking into consideration this data, it’s worth mentioning that the slot perfectly fits for those who passionate about this reality TV show, and don’t want to risk so much.

    The Duck Dynasty video slot is a replica of the popular American TV show of the same name developed by Bally Technology (Scientific Games) on the edge of and years. You can pull back and fire using the touchscreen if you wish, or you can press the spin button.

    The Si Show bonus is another wheel game.

    Bets start at $ a spin and go up to $45, or $ to $3 per line. Relive your favorite Duck Dynasty™ moments: hunt with Willie, cook with Miss Kay. Duck Dynasty Slots is related to Android games, Casino Games. I love the vertical video. The only requirement is to get 3 of the symbols on the certain reels (2,3,4). You’ll get three attempts to cast your onscreen fishing rod into a virtual lake.

    The rest of the symbols include ducks, deer, and frogs (wilds).

    There are also scatter symbols, including the bonus wheel and the Duck Dynasty logo, which features ducks flying across the screen when you trigger the jackpot win.

    There’s a lot going on in this game, and the reels are always busy. The number of spins (8 or 12 free spins) depends on the appearance of big frog symbols on the lucky wheel.

    Willie’s Bullseye Round

    This is one of the most attractive features that the game has.

    Lucky Duck Slots Online Free

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    In Pick a Beard, you select one of the beards to see which characters’ Duck dynasty slots longest in hopes of gettingmore credits.

    The other bonus sees you select ducks to earn credit prizes. If you pull nothing, you’ll get x your bet and a multiplier anyway.

    The Lucky Duck’s Bonus has you use the iconic Duck Commander call to persuade ducks to land in a virtual yard.

    This moment creates more excitement among players, and everyone wants to get it. You’ll also see objects from the show like Dale Horvath’s RV, a teddy bear, syringe, and crow.

    Another good point to this slot is the animations, which include Rick riding a horse, Maggie searching the forest, Shane holding his gun, and a GUTS expanding wild symbol.

    You can win by pulling all five Duck Dynasty logo symbols on one payline.

    This progressive jackpot has been known to go up as high as nearly $2 million. Top prizes go up to x your stake, or $22, at max bet.

    Willie’s Bullseye Bonus is an archery-themed game. This means a total win is possible of times your stake– just shy of $29, at a maximum bet. But some third-party sources states that the lowest total bet equates toand the largest one cannot overcome the limit of The betting options are great for novice as well as for high rollers.

    You and Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson each shoot one arrow into a target, for cash multipliers on your original stake.

    There are five rings to the target. All the information is provided clearly and understandably. Add to that all the wild and scatter symbols, and you’ve got a game that will stand the test of repeated play.

    Progressive jackpot: With prizes in the millions often available (and at a reasonable max bet of $45 per spin), the Duck Dynasty slot has a decent value jackpot.

    What’s not?

    Intense action: This can be a good thing, but this slot left even us a little confused about whether we’d pulled a win on the reels or not.

    Another good thing about this slot is how the main characters say phrases whenthey show up in winning combinations.

    Here are some examples: Uncle Si says,

    “Hey look here,”

    “Do we look like beauty contestants Super slots no deposit codes 2021 you?”

    This slot has a couple of different bonuses in the Pick a Beard and Pick a Duck Cleopatra free slot machines. Each bonus is a mini-game with a unique plot and gameplay.

    But it’s better to do it from the future perspective.

    Theme-Related Symbols and Bonuses at the Duck Dynasty Slots


    The Duck Dynasty slot online only consists of specific symbols related to Robinson’s family and its business. Fans of the show will be pleased to play the official Duck Dynasty slot machine from Bally Technologies.

    Using innovative, curved touchscreen technology, the Duck Dynasty slot features all your favorite characters from the legendary, duck-hunting Robertson family.

    However, the game notes explain that the manner in which you spin the wheel has no effect on the outcome.

    Bonus roundsduck dynasty 1

    The Duck Dynasty slot has six different bonus rounds available on the bonus wheel, and one extra that may start after any non-winning spin.

    They aren’t like ordinary mini-games but something special.

    And what’s more – the slot obtains a progressive jackpot feature. This can lead to many of the same symbols appearing on the reels, without you getting an expected payout. Pick from five different duck calls to get a prize of x to 2x your bet, and then use the touchscreen to call a duck.

    Click the duck to reveal a multiplier of 2x to 20x.

    Fans of the show especially will keep coming back to this one.

  • The Duck Dynasty Review

    What comes first to your mind when you hear Duck Dynasty? The free Duck Dynasty slot machine is another cabinet slot coming from the Bally vendor. To add more interest to the slot, the software developer created several mini-game within the slot. This is by no means a bad range of bets.

    You’ll bag x your bet if either arrow hits the outer target, and up to x your stake if either of you gets the bullseye. Not too many slots have custom paylines, but an auto spin feature will always be valued by regular players.

    What about the jackpots?

    There’s only one jackpot in Duck Dynasty. The Duck Dynasty video slot is a replica of the popular American TV show of the same name developed by Bally Technology (Scientific Games) on the edge of From duck till dawn, casino fans can now play with the Robertson family in Zynga's Duck Dynasty® Slots.

    Moreover, the music accompaniment makes you feel excited because it’s dynamic and energetic.

    The playground rid is designed traditionally and includes 5 classical reels and 30 lines for payout but 4 rows. Your primary goal here is to aim at the target board and shoot it with a crossbow. Other symbols includean American flag, motorcycles, rings, anarchy symbol, gavel, and police badge.

    All of the symbols are animated, and the characters look realistic.

    Bally’s gameplay design was top-notch though, with a lot of extras available.

  • Sound effects: /5 – ZZ Top might not be to everyone’s taste, but they are a popular band. On the downside, the plentiful visual triggers can make you expect a win on the main reels and then not actually get anything.

    Wild symbols

    There are two types of wild symbols in Duck Dynasty.

    Just pick one of the six bait types beforehand to reveal a multiplier between 1x and 10x.

    Cast your rod, and it will come back to you with either nothing or a fish. Everything is up to you.

    Place a Bet and Win the Game

    The rules of the free Duck Dynasty slots are simple: set up and place a bet, spin the reels, and wait for the result.

    This second prize wheel has prizes between 1x and x your stake before the bonus round began, as well as two, three, or five more spins of the wheel. You only get one spin per bonus game on this wheel.

    Fishing for Credits is a pick ‘em bonus game with an interactive twist.

    The result of the wheel will or show what kind of bonus you will receive.

    Froggin’ Free Games

    The bonus feature offers free spins to gamblers. These animations arethe one time that you see real life characters on the reels.

    The most exciting thing about Sons of Anarchy slot is that it offers payouts in the Cluster Power format.

    Duck dynasty slots

    Bally Technology (owned by SG) released the Duck Dynasty slot machine game after the fantastic boom of the show. And Aristocrat’s slot is able to capture this same drama through its VerveHDcabinet.

    This cabinet has a inch screen that offers video displays in the top part, and reels in the lower portion. The portray plays the role of a Wild symbol and brings the highest reward after the match, at least 3 of them.

    The defined combinations of the same symbols activate more features of the video slot.

    Bonus Wheel Features

    As was mentioned above, the Wild Symbol is the most profitable one because one simple reason – it activates different bonus features.

    The reward is a multiplier (from x2 to x10). The only thing that most of them are agreed on it’s the volatility of the game. Otherwise, you win a slightly smaller prize that scales on your bet.

    Welcome to A+E Networks | UK

    1. Fishing.Duck Dynasty Slot Machine Duck Dynasty is a 5 reel. The multipliers you earn are 1x, to 5x, and 7x. This game is based on the same titled. 50 pay line slot machine that was developed by Bally Technologies for land based casinos. Spin the wheel to get credits worth to coins when you play Duck Dynasty slot machine online.
    2. The free Duck Dynasty slot machine is another cabinet slot coming from the Bally vendor. This is a themed game based on the famous TV-show which is focused on the Robertson family. Reels include all the main characters from the reality (Uncle Si, Phil, Willie, and Korie along with other casters like Robertson wives, the fish sign, deer icons, etc.). Duck Dynasty slot machines have five reels and 30 possible pay lines.

      Duck Dynasty Slot&#;s Special Games

      The Duck Dynasty slot machine game offers many ways to score some mega rewards. There are three types of distinct possibilities along with other cards that can dramatically increase your cash amount.

      • Wild – the Wild sign substitutes all cards except for the scatters. All wins are paid from left to right.
      • Staked Mystery Symbol – each reel contains stacked card positions that can be replaced with the following signs: Phil, Willie, Jace, Si, deer, fish, and wives.
      • Miss Kay&#;s Turtle Feature – after each spin, this extra play can be triggered randomly. When it is activated, a bettor must pick 2 to 6 of 8 total icons to reveal the rewards. To do that, he/she must choose the desired turtle and select it. A player can obtain the cash rewards from to coins times stake per row. This feature is over when no more picks remain. All of the earned money will be added to the total credit balance that can be tracked at any moment during play.
      • Scatter – the scatter signs can appear only on reels 2, 3, and 4. When 3 or more of these symbols are collected, the &#;Wheel Bonus&#; can be triggered. Spin the wheel to win some of the following games:  Froggin&#; Free Games, Prize Wheel, Willie&#;s Bullseye, The Si Show, Lucky Round.

      Froggin&#; Feature. This particular play will grant 8 to 12 additional rounds to a player. At the end of each spin, reels 2 or 4 can transform into the full-stack columns. The progressive jackpot cannot be won during this extra play.

      Multipliers. After the wheel spin, the multiplier will be determined first (1x, 2x or 5x). A player will be awarded 1 additional turn. A gambler can gain the cash rewards from to or 2, 3 or 5 extra spins.

      Willie&#;s Bullseye. When Willie shoots the target, a gamer can swipe the Pull and launch arrow and press the Spin button to aim the target. When the shooting is over, Willie&#;s and bettors&#; prizes will be added to the total coin balance.

      The Si Show. A bettor needs to swipe the wheel or click on the start mark to activate this feature. Rewards that can be won in this bonus game are to coins and a multiplier 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 7x. A cash amount will be multiplied by the indicated multiplier and a bet per line.

      Fishing For Credits. In Duck Dynasty slots, a gambler can cast a fishing line three times. The chosen bait will reveal the multiplier from 1 to When the lure is selected, a player can press the start mark to cast the line. If you are lucky and a fish is hooked, you win 60 to credits times stake per line. If the fish run away, a gamer will get 30 credits times stake per line.

      Lucky Duck Feature. This is a mode of picking. Choose one of the five displayed animals. This will reveal the cash prizes from 60 to credits multiplied by the wager per line. Press the duck symbol and obtain the multipliers from 2x to 20x.

      Progressive Mega Prize

      • The Duck Dynasty slot game possesses a progressive jackpot that can be triggered at any moment.
      • To do that, a gamer must gather all 5 of the logo icons in a single turn.
      • This mega prize can be triggered only if a bettor is playing with the maximum stakes.
      • All five jackpot logos must be gathered without the wild symbol combination.
      • This extra feature cannot be won while bonus matches are active (Wheel game, Korie&#;s shopping free addition or Miss Kay&#;s turtle quest bonus).
      • The progressive jackpot prize is not multiplied by any stake amount.

      Ways to Score the Duck Dynasty Slot

      While a gamer is playing the Duck Dynasty free slot, he/she can gain huge prizes by activating some of the bonus games in this pokie. To increase the chances for the biggest payouts, the bettor can play with maximum stakes. The more rounds the gamer plays, the bigger the chances of scoring some mega rewards. Previous wins will have no effect on the current winning chances.

      Trigger any of the extra features for additional cash. Gather five main logo symbols to win the progressive jackpot. But, of course, to win real money in online casino games, players must place real money bets too. Before starting your play, check if the gambling is legal in your country.

      But if you are looking to play free casino games no download or registration, SlotoZilla offers the most popular slots in the industry. You can play free online slots for fun, including the Duck Dynasty games free version, with no deposit and even no download or registration needed. Our collection of free slot machines comprises of more than 3, titles, ranging from classic fruit machines to modern free video slots packed with free spins and other bonus features. Don&#;t miss out on this excellent opportunity to enjoy free online slots for fun at SlotoZilla.

      Bally gave developer has produced slot machines for all tastes. If you like music slots, so Michael Jackson slot game is for you. Maybe you are fond of Television theme slot machines, in this case you&#;ll enjoy Jeopardy! game!

    3. Duck Dynasty Slots - Play Bally's Onlnie Slot Machines for Free
    4. Of the dickheads running the video. total homo I wish I had a step mother that can blow me id have son with dick that huge i can use.
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    Occasional one-liners from the cast of the show are also great.

  • Jackpot value: /5 – A million-plus progressive jackpot is nothing to discount. Pull three of them in one spin, on any lines, and you’ll unlock a spin of the bonus wheel. Duck Dynasty Slot Machine ; Willie Robertson the Duck Commander CEO; Korie Robertson who is Willie's wife; Jase Robertson who is Willie's brother; Uncle Si.

    THIS IS REDNECK VEGAS, Y'ALL! Why is it so?

    First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the Duck Dynasty slot machine game obtains a fascinating visual design. They are:

    • Duck Dynasty logo
    • Bonus wheel

    The Duck Dynasty logo pertains to the jackpot detailed above.

    The bonus wheel appears on reels two, three, and four.

    The upper screen is for video displays, while the lower one houses the reels.

    Symbols include the show’s main characters, including Jax Teller Charlie Hunnam, Clay Morrow Ron Pearlman, Gemma Teller Morrow Katey Sagal, and Tara Knowles Maggie Siff. This is what makes the slot a bit different from other slots.

    The Duck Dynasty video slot can boast of pleasant bonuses and profitable offers.

    Thanks to its flawless use of the top screen, multiple bonuses, and thrills, The Walking Dead is a cutabove Duck Dynasty.

  • emmylynnxxx your bush is pretty nice too. With bundles of official videos, music, and themed bonus rounds, Bally has done a great job with the license.

    Aside from Slots scatter slots, this game is relatively busy for slots newcomers.

    Relive your favorite Duck Dynasty™ moments: hunt with. Bailey Brooke and anybody else. Zynga is a leading developer of the. I'm dying to know 10:16.Try Duck Dynasty and discover a slot game with great graphics inspired by the television show that focuses on the Robertson family and their peculiar.

    Bag a fish, and you’ll get a prize of x to x your bet, which is then multiplied by what you got for the bait. This brings up a large wheel with different prize slots on it, including free spins and fourjackpots Grand, Major, Minor, Mini. In its turn, the fish will bring you a generous reward. They are no stranger to developing titles for big licenses, and they’ve Duck dynasty slots this popular series the feature-stacked slot machine it deserves.

    Game manufacturer:Bally
    Number of paylines:15
    Game theme:Big-name, Reality show
    Min/Max bet:$ to $45 per spin
    Progressive jackpot:Yes
    Regular jackpots:No
    Maximum standard win:$26,
    Maximum jackpot win:$1 million+ progressive
    Free spins: No

    Themes & visuals

    The Duck Dynasty slot machine has a nice triple-screen setup, two of which are high-definition (HD) touchscreens.

    If you enjoyed watching the Duck Dynasty Duck dynasty slots, you’ll have plenty to enjoy here.

    It is paid in 20 annual installments, which is interesting and not something we’ve seen stipulated in a slot game before.

    However, you can only trigger the biggest jackpot at a maximum bet. Your prizes are added together at the end of the round. The game obtains pleasant design and accompaniments with a fascinating visualization.

    Moreover, the free Duck Dynasty slot games have enough bonus propositions which transfer you into different playground fields and offer generous rewards.

    The reward includes credit points as well as a multiplier (x1, x5, or x7).

    Mobile Compatibility

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to play the Duck Dynasty slot machines on mobile devices, and it’s pretty difficult to find the slot outside land-based gambling houses.

    The RTP Index and Volatility Level

    Bally Technology, the game developer, hides the technical data of the Duck Dynasty slot online.

    They also themed the bonus rounds nicely.

    Loads of features: Seven different bonus games is a lot packed into one slot machine. keep growing xxx You're amazing love watchin you work Perfect video The ending was my favourite WOW that's. Contrast this to Duck Dynasty and Sons of Anarchy, which have $ and $ minimum bets respectively.Low rollers will be even more disheartened to know that you must bet a $ coin denomination $3 total to qualify for the Grand Jackpot.

    If you can handle this, then you’ll be more than pleased with everything that The Walking Dead has to offer.

    Fans of the show will appreciate main characters being on the reels, including Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln, Andrea Lauren Holden, Glenn Rhee Steven Yeun, Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus, Maggie GreeneLauren Cohan, and Shane Walsh Jon Bernthal.

    Duck Dynasty Slots


    Play the funniest Vegas Slots ever – for FREE.

    Relive your favorite Duck Dynasty™ moments: hunt with Willie, cook with Miss
    Kay, fight back against the beavers, join a redneck wedding, and travel
    to Hawaii with the Robertson clan!

    Free spins, amazing bonuses, crazy wilds and hilarious mini-games like Redneck Roulette to double your winnings.

    Get going with your friends thru Louisiana and beyond as you hunt down new machines and send them FREE gifts along the way.

    On or offline, your Duck Dynasty adventures sync across all devices with Facebook Connect.

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    Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available in the Application License Agreement below as well as at Social Networking Service terms may also apply.

    Terms of Service:

    About Duck Dynasty Slots

    Duck Dynasty Slots is a paid app for Android published in the Other list of apps, part of Games & Entertainment.

    The company that develops Duck Dynasty Slots is Zynga. The latest version released by its developer is

    To install Duck Dynasty Slots on your Android device, just click the green Continue To App button above to start the installation process. The app is listed on our website since and was downloaded 45 times. We have already checked if the download link is safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded Old classic slots with your antivirus.

    If your antivirus detects the Duck Dynasty Slots as malware or if the download link for com.zynga.duckdynastyslots is broken, use the contact page to email us.

    How to install Duck Dynasty Slots on your Android device:

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      Tap on the Install button located below the search bar and to the right of the app icon.

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