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Slot machine meaning
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Looks like the slot machine's ready to start paying off.
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Those people who pay on the dot through the slotmachine, get away with it. Optimal play is a payback percentage based on a gambler using the optimal strategy in a skill - based slot machine game.

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a machine that you try to win money from by putting coins into it and operating it, often by. A candle is a light on top of the slot machine. Waxay u egtahay mishiinka mishiinka halkan.

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These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. 2. Slot machine definition, a gambling machine operated by inserting coins into a slot and pulling a handle that activates a set of spinning symbols on wheels.

Waxaan ula jeedaa inuu ka sameeyay Lego afyare. slot machine.

types of gambling machines

Avatar - ka cayaaraha ayaa si aan kala sooc lahayn loogu habeeyay, iyada oo qaybaha cusub lagu xushay caloosha toosan oo la mid ah mashiinka booska. If you are a machine manufacturer or supplier you will need a gaming machine technical licence, which type will depend on the nature of your business.

slot meaning

Test houses You must ensure these gambling products have been tested by a test house before they are released to the market. › dictionary › english › slot-machine. You make it work by putting coins into a slot. A slot machine (American English), fruit machine (British English) or poker machine is a gambling machine that creates a game of chance for its customers.

Slot machine meaning

Laakiin tan iyo markii aan maqalno sida xubnaheennu u jecel yihiin DHAMMAAN boosaskeena, waxay dareemeen nooc ka jaban in tartan lagu qabto hal mishiin oo kaliya. Digital technology has resulted in variations on the original slot machine concept.

Slot machine meaning

slot machine definition: 1. Fey opened a slot machine workshop in or Fey waxa uu furay aqoon - is - weydaarsiga mishiinka booska ama

Slot Machine Win definition

  • Slot machine means any mechanical, electrical, video, electronic, or other device, contrivance, or machine which, after insertion of a coin, token, or similar object, or upon payment of any required consideration whatsoever by a player, is available to be played or operated, and which, whether by reason of the skill of the player or application of the element of chance, or both, may deliver or entitle the player operating the machine to receive cash premiums, merchandise, tokens, redeemable game credits, or any other thing of value other than unredeemable free games, whether the payoff is made automatically from the machines or in any other manner.

  • Virtual Machine means a software container that can run its own operating system and execute applications like a Server.

  • ticket machine means an apparatus of a type and design which indicates the time by a clock and issues parking tickets to show that a payment has been made of an amount or for a period specified thereon and which specifies the date and either the time of such payment or the time at which the vehicle must leave the parking place;

  • Flight means any flight demonstration, flight test, taxi test, or other flight made in the performance of this contract, of for the purpose of safeguarding the aircraft, or previously approved in writing by the Contracting Officer.

  • Vending machine means a self-service device that, upon insertion of a coin, paper currency, token, card, or key, or by optional manual operation, dispenses unit servings of food in bulk or in packages without the necessity of replenishing the device between each vending operation.

  • Machine gun means any firearm known as a machine gun, mechanical rifle, submachine gun, or any other mechanism or instrument not requiring that the trigger be pressed for each shot and having a reservoir clip, disc, drum, belt, or other separable mechanical device for storing, carrying, or supplying ammunition which can be loaded into the firearm, mechanism, or instrument, and fired therefrom at the rate of five or more shots per second.

  • Sensor means any measurement device that is not part of the vehicle Slot machine meaning but installed to determine parameters other than the concentration of gaseous and particle pollutants and the exhaust mass flow.

  • Radiation machine means any device capable of producing radiation except those devices with radioactive material as the only source of radiation.

  • Engine Manufacturer means CFM International, Inc.

  • Port Cargo Handling Equipment means rubber-tired gantry cranes, straddle carriers, shuttle carriers, and terminal tractors, including yard hostlers and yard tractors that operate within ports.

  • Game has the meaning ascribed to that term in the Control Act;

  • Web spray adhesive means any aerosol adhesive that is not a mist spray or special purpose spray adhesive.

  • Universal Digital Loop Carrier (UDLC means the DLC system that has a CO terminal channel bank that is connected to the CO switches on the analog side.

  • Electrical equipment means underground equipment that contains dielectric fluid that is necessary for the operation of equipment such as transformers and buried electrical cable.

  • Pump spray means a packaging system in which the product ingredients within the container are not under pressure and in which the product is expelled only while a pumping action is applied to a button, trigger or other actuator.

  • Cart means computer-assisted real-time transcription using specialized equipment to transcribe real time word-for-word spoken English into written English that can be viewed on a computer screen or projected onto a large screen.[PLc.

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  • Or if ten children buy one packet of cigarettes a week from a particular slotmachine, is it being "extensively" so used? A slot machine, informally fruit machine, the slots, poker machine Slot machine meaning "pokies" or simply slot, is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels which spin.

    Meaning of slot machine in English

    If one child buys one packet of cigarettes every day Walking dead slot machine a particular slotmachine, is that machine being used "extensively" to supply children?

    Copy Report an error Lily's been secretly puffing down the ciggies like a 46 - year - old grandma at a Reno slot machine. Lily waxay si qarsoodi ah u faanineysaa sigaarka sida ayeeyo 46 - jir ah oo ku jirta mashiinka Afyare ee Reno.

    slot woman meaning

    Volatility or variance refers to the measure of risk associated with playing a slot machine. Makes me look like a penny in a slot machine.

    slot meaning

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    They did not want more "palaces of culture"—a euphemism for slotmachine arcades. A hoe that likes to have her 'slot' stuffed repeatedly. Copy Report an error But since we keep hearing how our members love ALL our slots, it felt kind of cheap to have a tournament with just one slot machine. Slot machine meaning penny slot would be.
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    It might stem inflation by a little, if only for the motoring public and some of the slotmachine vendors.

    Sami broke open every slot machine in the bar and stole the money. You must have a club machine permit from your local licensing authority to make them available. Mushaharka gaaban waxaa loola jeedaa qayb ka mid ah lacag - bixinta uu sameeyo makiinadda booska, taas oo ka yar xaddiga ay sabab u tahay cayaaryahanka.

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    Within these physical limitations any slotmachine may be used for the sale of any article which can legally be offered for sale.

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    A person still cannot buy a pound's worth of stamps in a slotmachine and walk away.

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    1. Sittman iyo Pitt oo ka tirsan Brooklyn, New York, waxay soo saareen mashiin khamaar sanadkiikaas oo horudhac u ahaa mishiinka casriga. Faa'iidada weyn waa sida mishiinka khamaarka xun.

    types of gambling machines

    The same foundation has also received significant contributions from the national Slot Machine Association.§2 (NEW).]

  • Digital network or “network” means any online-enabled application, software, website, or system offered or used by a transportation network company that enables the prearrangement of rides with transportation network company drivers.

  • Kiosk means a department in a RIME Store.

  • Mobile food vendor means every corporation, association, joint stock association, person, firm or partnership, their lessees, directors, receivers, trustees, appointees by any court whatsoever, or the heirs, executors, administrators, or personal representatives or assignees of any deceased owner, owning, controlling, operating or managing any mobile food vending unit.

  • Machine-readable means an automatic identification technology media, such as bar codes, contact memory buttons, radio frequency identification, or optical memory cards.

  • Marijuana retailer means a person who sells marijuana items to a consumer in this state.

  • aeroplane means a power-driven heavier-than-air aircraft, deriving its lift in flight Casino games slots free fun from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces which remain fixed under given conditions of flight;

  • JetBrains or “We” means JetBrains s.r.o., having its principal place of business Slot machine meaning Na Hrebenech II /10, Prague,Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court of Prague, Section C, FileID.

    No.: 02

  • Retail marijuana store means an entity licensed to purchase marijuana from marijuana cultivation facilities and marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana product manufacturing facilities and to sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers.

  • Filter means material placed in the useful beam to preferentially absorb selected radiations.

  • Dialysis solution means either the commercially available, unopened, sterile solutions whose

  • Category B3A machines cannot be sited in commercial clubs.

    A gambling machine operated by inserting coins into a slot and often by pulling down on a long handle. Learn more. A slut. Kuwaas waxay dhaqaale ka helaan Ururka Mashiinka Mashiinka ee Slot - ka, taasna, sidoo kale waxay taageero dhaqaale ka helaan Dowladda. Copy Report an error Those receive funding from the Finnish Slot Machine Association and, through that, also financial support from the Government.

    The higher the amount of the slot, the higher the quality of the slot.

    What Does Pokie Mean

    A trio of Australian politicians recently called for whistleblowers to reveal secrets about how the gambling industry operates. While it is up for debate as to whether there are questions to be answered about various industry tactics and links to politicians, what isnt a secret is how poker machines actually work. This information is publicly available in the player information booklet released by the Gaming Technologies Association, as well as in academic articles. But how do people interpret such information. And how do myths about pokies develop?Misconceptions about two basic principlesWhile poker machines are incredibly complex, they work on two basic principles:they produce random outcomes; and they have an expected return set somewhere between 85 and 92, depending on the jurisdiction and choices made by the venue. However, gamblers often fail to understand these concepts properly. A large component of therapy for problem gamblers, developed at the University of Sydneys Gambling Treatment Clinic by Fadi Anjoul, is based on tackling these misconceptions and helping them understand how those misconceptions may have been driving their gambling. Psychologists have long known that most people struggle with understanding randomness. Part of the problem is the way we use the word random in everyday speech. For example, consider the sentences the weather is random or the buses come at random. Most would understand what these sentences mean: weather and bus schedules are difficult to predict. Despite this, we often make predictions on the weather and on public transport. So, when we hear poker machines are random, we naturally interpret this in the same way: that poker machines follow general patterns, and the longer you go without a win the more likely one is to occur. This explains why gamblers often spend long hours in front of a poker machine. When players havent had a win, they believe one is due, so it makes sense to keep going. Conversely, if they are winning, it means a machine is paying and it makes sense to keep going. The truth is, however, that pokies do not work the same way as the weather or a bus schedule. They are not difficult to predict: they are impossible to predict. Pokies contain a random number generator, which produces each outcome shown, completely independent of all the games that have come before and all the games that will come after. There is no pattern to follow and a win is never due. Part of the reason for the persistence of the idea that poker machines are eventually due to pay is a misunderstanding of the other principle underlying their operation. As mentioned above, poker machines in Australia are set with an expected return of between 85 and 92. This is often phrased as a machine must pay back around 90. In most peoples understanding, this leads to the assumption that if has been put in, at some point 90 must come out. Thus, people assume if they have put a certain amount in a poker machine and got nothing back, a win is somehow due to come. But the real meaning of this percentage is somewhat different. While there are many different ways of explaining expected value, the simplest way of thinking about it with gambling is that it is referring to the gap between the probability of a win and the pay you get for it. If a game pays back 90, this means the payback you receive when you win is 90 of what you should get if it was a fair game that is, one where you would expect to break even in the long term. Its like betting 1 on a coin toss, where you have a one-in-two chance of winning, but only get back if you get it right. As it is a random game, you might have wins that put you ahead for a short time, but the longer you play the more likely it is that you will lose more than you win back. So, saying bets on a poker machine have an expected value of 90 doesnt mean 90 will eventually come out for every put in. It means the game is unfair, and if you keep playing youll eventually lose everything.

    Copy Report an error The slot Funky Monkey Arcade is a five - reel 20 - line slot machine featuring wild symbols, three bonus games, free spins, double game and Jackpot.

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    In such a case the person going to the slotmachine would need to take out an additional £6, insurance cover. Sida dhowr bandhigyo kale oo fiican oo loo yaqaan 'Goodson - Todman', lambarka sirta ah ayaa lagu beddelay mashiinka booska ee WMS Gaming.

    A slot machine is a machine from which you can get food or cigarettes or on which you Grand dragon slot machine gamble. It's like a slot machine up here. Boqolleyda lacag bixinta ee mishiinka Afyare - ka waxa lagu dejiyaa warshadda marka software - ka la qoro.

    This slot machine features a unique bonus round, where you can search for hidden fortunes amongst 12 vases and treasure chests. Waxay iga dhigaysaa sida dinaar ku jira mishiinka Afyare. Copy Report an error Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, developed a gambling machine inwhich was a precursor to the modern slot machine.

    Slot-machine definition Slot machine meaning A vending machine. Shumaca waa iftiin korka ka ah mishiinka Afyare. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. A slot machine (American English), fruit machine (British English) or poker machine is a gambling machine that creates a game of chance for its customers.

    slot machine meaning, definition, what is slot machine: a machine used for playing a game, that : Learn more. Copy Report an error Short pay refers to a partial payout made by a slot machinewhich is less than the amount due to the player.

    Casino Description No deposit bonus
    Cafe Casino SLOT MACHINE meaning: 1: a machine used for gambling that starts when you 200% Up to $ 2000
    Wild Casino n. · A gambling device having a lever that is pulled to spin disks and 50% Up to $ 3000 plus 1000 spins
    Bet US Casino A hoe that likes to have her 'slot' stuffed repeatedly. The higher the 100% Up to $ 2000 plus 1500 spins
    Las Atlantis At casinos in Iowa and South Dakotafor example, such devices have 50% Up to $ 1500 plus 1500 spins
    22Bet Casino oregonlive, 10 Feb. See More

    These example sentences are selected automatically from

    250% Up to $ 500
    Super Slots Slot machines are the most popular gambling method in casinos and You should also be 250% Up to $ 500 plus 500 spins What does coin in mean? How does the coin denomination fit in? By John Robison 150% Up to $ 3000

    Tikniyoolajiyadda dijital ah ayaa keentay kala duwanaansho ku saabsan fikradda mashiinka mashiinka asalka.

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    We can obtain accident cover at airports merely by putting some money into a slotmachine. Mashiinadan qadka waxay kujirtaa wareeg gaar ah oo gunno ahhalkaas oo aad ka raadin kartid nasiib qarsoon oo ka mid ah 12 haamood iyo sanduuqyo khasnad ah.

    · A gambling device having a lever that is pulled to spin disks and turn up symbols, various combinations of which. A slot machine's theoretical payout percentage is set at the factory when the software is written. I mean he made a slot machine out of Lego. Gaming machine technical standards See our gaming machine technical standards category B3A for the full details of the technical standards which this category of machine must comply with.

    slot meaning

    Isla aasaaska ayaa sidoo kale ka helay tabarucaad weyn Ururka Qaranka ee Mashiinka Mashiinka. The meaning of SLOT MACHINE is a machine whose operation is begun by dropping a coin into a slot.

    slot machine odds

    Test houses are also sometimes referred to as test labs.a coin-operated gaming machine that generates random combinations of symbols on a dial, certain combinations winning varying amounts of money for the player. Great Benefit's like a bad slot machine. Awooda ama kala duwanaanta waxaa loola jeedaa cabirka halista ee la xiriirta ciyaarista mashiinka ciyaarta. SLOT MACHINE meaning: 1: a machine used for gambling that starts when you put coins into it and pull a handle or press a button; 2: vending machine.

    Ciyaarta fiicani waa boqolkiiba payback ku saleysan khamaar isticmaalaya istaraatiijiyada ugu fiicneed ciyaarta mashiinka ciyaarta ku saleysan xirfadaha. Sami wuxuu furay mishiin kasta oo qori ku yaal baarka wuxuuna xaday lacagtii.

    Slot machine meaning

    Afyare Funky Daanyeer Arcade waa mashiin shan - cirif 20 - line Afyare leh calaamadaha duurjoogta ah, saddex kulan gunno, free Lataliyihii, kulan double iyo Ghanna.

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    Do they want to have to put money in a slotmachine?

    slot meaning

    Copy Report an error The player's avatar is customized randomly, with the new parts selected with a reel similar to a slot machine.

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    There is one thing that may be said in favour of the slotmachine. n. Waxay umuuqataa mashiinka mashiinku inuu diyaar u yahay inuu bilaabo bixinta.

    types of gambling machines

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    He reacts, apparently, like some kind of slotmachine. All gaming machines sited on club or miners welfare institute premises must comply with our gaming machine technical standards.

    slot machine odds

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    We stayed at a certain place which had an electricity slotmachine.
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    I come now to the evil of the slotmachine. The territory of Puerto Rico places significant restrictions on slot machine ownership, but the law is widely flouted and slot machines are common in bars and coffeeshops. Dhulka Puerto Rico wuxuu xayiraad weyn saarayaa lahaanshaha mashiinka booska, laakiin sharciga si balaaran ayaa loo daadgureeyay mashiinada boorarkuna waxay caan ku yihiin baararka iyo kafateeriyada.

    What does coins-in mean?

    1. Learn more. slot machine definition: 1. The meaning of SLOT MACHINE is a machine whose operation is begun by dropping a coin into a slot.Slot machine meanings in Urdu a machine that you try to win money from by putting coins into it and operating it, often by.
    2. Fey opened a slot machine workshop in or What is demand on a slot machine? This simple yet effective feedback loop boosts feelings of control amongst players which encourages them to ignore the uncertainty of winning or losing and play on for longer.
    3. slot machine

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      a gambling machine operated by inserting coins into a slot and pulling a handle that activates a set of spinning symbols on wheels, the final alignment of which determines the payoff that is released into a receptacle at the bottom.

      any machine operated by inserting coins into a slot, as a vending machine.



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      First recorded in –95

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      slotback, slot car, sloth, sloth bear, slothful, slot machine, slot racer, slot racing, slotted spoon, slotter, slouch Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc.

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      • As Lamping tested her luck at the restaurant’s video slot machines, Sutton snacked on chips and salsa while waiting for a platter of chicken enchiladas.

        America’s Food Safety System Failed to Stop a Salmonella Epidemic. It’s Still Making People Sick.

      • HinKhoj Dictionary
      • How electronic gambling machines work They also include elements in the games that render them attractive to EGM users, and which appear to be associated with the establishment of persistent game utilisation or addiction.

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    The normal way of obtaining this further cover is by putting a coin into a slotmachine with a time-stamping device inside.

    Meaning of slot machine in English:

    slot machine


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    • 1British A vending machine selling small items.

      ‘The slot machine sells sex toys, erotic lingerie, massage oil and condoms.’

      • ‘I remember on a rare trip to the seaside (the beach was out of bounds, full of barbed wire and gun emplacements) gazing at a long-empty slot machine that had once held chocolate bars and now appeared as a rusting icon from outer space.’
      • ‘The reason I'm thinking about this, whilst I sit in the pub, drinking my pint - sorry, I'm in a pub - is because I can see a girl standing next to the slot machine, dressed in pink.’
      • ‘The only other two in operation were DIY, where the hapless customer is expected to swipe groceries past an electronic eye and then fiddle about feeding credit cards or cash into a slot machine to pay for them.’
      • ‘The ordinary idea of How much money does choctaw casino make a day slot machine logically involves the idea of a device in which some mechanism or other is set in operation by the coin, which in some way delivers the appropriate goods.’
      • ‘If the government's central concern was the reduction in teenage pregnancies, the sensible thing would be to make the morning-after pill available cheaply - perhaps via slot machines in easily accessible places.’
      • ‘A motorway service station may seem an odd place to remember 12 murder victims, but yesterday the bugler's Last Post called out amid the slot machines and coffee bars with haunting beauty.’
      • ‘I suppose we ought to shut down every library, then find a way of building slot machines into books so that you have to keep putting 10p pieces in every few minutes in order to keep the pages turning.’
      • ‘But let them run around cobbled streets, put old pennies in Victorian slot machines and try on historic costumes, and you'll find a very different reaction.’
      • ‘And I finally found out during a visit to Old Penny Memories, a working collection of antique slot machines in Bridlington.’
      • ‘The Bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Tom Wright, says: ‘Prayer is not a penny in the slot machine, you can't just put in a coin and get out a chocolate bar at the bottom.’
      • ‘Will you admit that you've been treating me like some kind of slot machine?’
      1. mainly North American A fruit machine.

        ‘Pachinko is a combination of slot machine and pinball game; players can control only the speed at which small stainless-steel balls are fed into the devices.’

        • ‘It's a very special relationship and I've seen it on both video game players and on slot machine players and the industry will say that gambling problems are purely from within the individual.’
        • ‘As time progressed, computerised versions and all sorts of clever entertainments have been merged into the basic game so that a Pachinko machine is often more like a Fruit Machine or slot machine than a ball game.’
        • ‘Delaware Park plans to incorporate a new player tracking component in its racing and slot machine gaming systems.’
        • ‘I fail to see how risking your hard-earned money on the outcome of a sporting event, the random machinations of a slot machine, or the numerical suicide of a lottery makes life more interesting.’
        • ‘At the conclusion of each level the player is presented with the chance to play a slot machine game for extra men.’
        • ‘As a result, shares of the slot machine and video game manufacturer edged up from $ to $’
        • ‘I put some money in a slot machine, and I won my first try.’
        • ‘They would, he warned, use bingo as a Bovada slots review and encourage players to try their hand at more addictive slot machine games.’
        • ‘This is not some sort of con game or high tech slot machine.’
        • ‘In my opinion, nobody has ever had a gun held to his head and been forced to go into a casino and put money into a slot machine.’
        • ‘You get what you pay for, Petal, and in the bar scene it Slot machine meaning very much a case of putting the money in the slot machine and waiting to Slot machine meaning if you win a prize.’
        • ‘Players know that it determines the symbols that land on the pay line on a slot machine and the cards they're dealt on a video poker machine.’
        • ‘As far as the slot machine goes, it really is an easily understood game, simple without being boring, with well laid out pay tables and easy to understand bonuses.’
        • ‘Since the modern slot machine is programmed to select number series at random, no amount of finessing of the handle can change what has been decided.’
        • ‘The basic King of slots of a slot machine is randomness to the extreme.’
        • ‘I took a look at products from all the major slot machine manufacturers, and will give my impressions on new games over the next several weeks.’
        • ‘I used to put minutes, quarter-hours, half-hours into this game, like ever larger sums into a slot machine.’
        • ‘Collier is not alone in his fondness for the slot machine, an electronic poker game known locally as a ‘pokie’.’
        • ‘This is my retirement money and if I want to put it in a slot machine, it's nobody's business but my own.’

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